How you can leave a gift in your will to help cure children with cancer   

The work Kidscan scientists carry out into new and improved treatments for childhood cancers relies entirely on the support of kind supporters like you.

Each year, 1,600 children are diagnosed with cancer. 1 in 5 of these children will not survive the disease. A gift in your will to Kidscan will make sure that the vital work we carry out into childhood cancers continues and that these statistics are improved.


If you have already made a Will

If you have already made a Will, but would like to leave a gift to Kidscan, you can do so by making a simple addition to your existing will. This is called a codicil. By adding this supplement to your will you can include new instructions and delete old ones without having to revoke the whole will.


If you have not already made a Will

If you have not made a Will just yet then you may need to see a solicitor. Although you will have to pay a fee, you will receive professional advice and can be sure that your wishes are carried out.


Ways to leave a gift to Kidscan in your Will

Your solicitor will be able to help you decide exactly what kind of gift you’d like to leave in your will. There are a few different kinds, all of which would make a difference to our fight to cure children of cancer:

  • Residuary: the remainder or a portion of the remainder of your estate after payment of all liabilities and expenses and any legacies you have given
  • Pecuniary: a specific sum of money
  • Specific: a particular asset or specific goods (shares, jewellery)
  • Contingent bequest: a gift should a particular event occur


If you do consider leaving us a gift in your will, please include our full name – Kidscan – and our registered charity number 1094946. Feel free to get in touch and let us know about your gift – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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