Payroll donations provide a vital and reliable income stream for Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research, allowing us to plan ahead and budget for the future. A small amount that you may not miss each month builds up to an impressive sum over a year or so!


What is Payroll Giving?  

Payroll giving is simple, tax-free charitable giving direct from your pay.

Payroll Giving is a mutually beneficial way to support a charity. Charities benefit because they get regular donations to help them with good causes. And those who donate benefit because they get tax relief on the donations straight away at their top rate of tax, meaning that their donations cost them less.

If you choose to make a regular monthly donation which is deducted from your pay, before tax, the tax man makes up the difference.

Your Donation £5 £10 £20
Cost to   you @ 20% £4 £8 £16
Cost to   you @ 40% £3 £6 £12


Kidscan will receive your monthly donation directly into our bank account, and your donation will appear on your pay slip.


If you would like more information about Payroll Giving, how to set it up or how to find out if your company is signed up with a payroll giving agency please contact our fundraising team using our contact form. You may also want to speak to your finance or payroll department to see if you already have a payroll giving system.

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