Jailbreak for Kidscan

Date :

Location : Various UK University Locations

Jailbreak is Kidscan’s flagship student event, where participants have 30 hours to escape their university, and travel as far as they can without spending a penny of their own money. Every year RAG societies and student groups across the country take on this iconic adventure challenge, raising a minimum of £125 each for children’s cancer research.

If you’ve got what it takes to blag your way across the world with only your charm and the clothes on your back, you’ll be following in the footsteps of the 700+ people who have taken on Kidscan’s challenge before you. Previous winners travelled as far away as Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Montreal and Los Angeles! Think you can beat that?

Our team will help you from start to finish with your organisation of Jailbreak, to ensure that your event is fun, safe and successful. We’ll work together to build a world where every child diagnosed with cancer can survive and thrive.

If you would like more information about Jailbreak, please contact our Student Fundraiser:

0161 285 3864



“Working with Kidscan on Jailbreak was a true pleasure. Their professionalism and support was always there when we needed it, meaning we felt able to do everything we needed to achieve a huge amount. As a small charity, it was heartening to know that our money was making a true difference. This also meant we felt listened to, supported and valued which is something you don’t always get with larger charities. We can’t wait to fundraise and work with Kidscan again.”



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