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Raise money for childhood cancer research by hosting your own bake sale

Let's get baking!

A bake sale is hands down one of the easiest (and yummy!) ways to raise money for Kidscan. From cakes for 10 people to a full buffet of baked goods for 100, bake sales are easy to scale and easy to theme for any time of the year! We have all the fundraising materials you need to cook up your bake sale on this page as well as a handy step by step guide!

Ready to start baking? Don't forget to tell us about your fundraiser so we can send you any materials you need!

Download Materials

From bunting to posters download and print everything you need to make your bake sale a huge success! Looking to raise more? Ask us about selling merchandise at your bake sale.

Guide to Hosting a Bake Sale

So you’ve decided to host a bake sale, but not sure where to start? Check out our easy bake sale guide, and don’t forgot the Kidscan team are always on hand to help you with any questions you may have!

Planning your Bake Sale

Plan your date, time & location.
Knowing when and where you are going to sell your baked goods is essential in planning a bake sale. Think about your bake sale and when would be best to sell the cakes. If you are in a school could you tie it in to a school fair or event? In an office? Think about lunch time for employees who are getting hungry, or even on a Friday when people are looking to something before the weekend!

Choose your bakers.

Think about who will be baking. Will you be doing all the baking or will you be inviting people to bring along their own baked good to sell too? Inviting people to bake for you? Why not turn it into a competition with a prize for the tastiest treat! You could even ask your guests to vote in return for a small donation!

Decide on your menu.
Think about what you will be selling. Brownies, cupcakes and biscuits are the staples of any bake sale, but it’s also worth thinking about those people who may be more interested in a healthy alternative or a even a Vegan treat!

If you want to truly make your bake sale stand out, you could choose a theme? From marshmallow ghosts at Halloween to sweet treats from around the world. You could even make your bake sale a regular occurrence throughout the year.

Looking for recipes? BBC Good Food has hundreds of recipes for you to pick and choose from.

The legal bits
Food Allergies are really important to display at your bake sale. It can be a good idea to check ahead of time if anyone planning on coming to the sale has any allergies so you can accommodate their needs. On that day you should also make sure you comply with any guidelines on running a bake sale, and display allergy information alongside your tasty treats!

You also need to check that you can use the venue you have chosen, and that everyone at the bake sale is aware of good food hygiene practice.

Choose your prices
Plan how much you’re going to sell your baked treats for. Having clear prices on the day helps your sale run smoothly, and encourage people to purchase more.

It’s also a good idea to set yourself a fundraising target and display it at the bake sale. People are always more likely to give if they know you have a target and a reason for setting that target.

Take Out Bags
Make sure you are well prepared and have take out bags for your treats! People at your bake sale might want to buy cakes for their friends, family or colleagues and take them away with them

Spare Change
Make sure you have a float of change for your bake sale. It’s always a good idea to make your cake prices are round number – such as 50p and a £1. This reduced the amount of small change you need to give out.

Advertise your Bake Sale
Once you know all the details of your bake sale, start advertising it far and wide to make sure as many people as possible turn up. You can download one of our posters from above to advertise your event. Don’t forget social media – it’s a great way to reach lots of people in a few minutes!

The Big Day

Decorate your stall
Catch people’s eye by presenting your food in the best way. If you have a theme you could use themed table cloths, posters and more!

Make sure everything on your display is priced and has allergyinformation.

Boost your donations
Collection tins or boxes are a great way to get extra donations, often people will throw in their spare change. Ask us about adding a collection tin to your bake sale.

Not everyone has spare change on them, so why not download our QR Donation poster. With just one scan people can donate the cost of their cake directly to Kidscan on their phones! Just track the donations you took and let us know, so we can ensure we match your donations to your total!

Raise Awareness
You have chosen Kidscan for a reason, so make sure people know why you are fundraising, you never know they might go on to do fundraising of their own! Kidscan can support with a range of posters and information leaflets that you can give to your customers!

Take Photos
Make sure you take photos and videos of your bake sale. You can use them to do one last push on social media, and even thank people who have come to your event! Planning on doing a regular bake sale? You can use your photo’s to entice people to your next sale!

Enjoy it!
Fundraising should be fun, so make sure you take time to enjoy your bake sale – and grab a tasty treat for yourself – you deserve it!

After your bake sale

One Last Push!
Take the time to thank everybody that came to your bake sale and tell them how much you have raised to date. If you had a target, remind everyone of your target and give them a way to add extra donations to help you meet it.

This is a great way to get people who wanted to come to the bake sale but couldn’t make it – to donate to your fundraiser. You can download our “We did it” poster to help you!

Match Funding
Once all your donations are in, check if your employer offers match funding. Many businesses will offer to match your fundraising total or a percentage of the money you raised. As us for more information on match funding.

Pay in your funds
Once you have your total confirmed and any match funding has been explored, pay in your funds to Kidscan. You can get in touch with your assigned community fundraiser or visit our donation page to find out how to transfer your funds to Kidscan.

One last thank you
Once we have your total, we will send you a certificate which you can use to thank all of your uspporters again, and most importantly show them exactly what their money will go towards!

This is also a great way to let them know of any upcoming fundraising plans you have too!

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