Host a Birthday Fundraiser

Help fing new treatments for children with canceer by hosting your own Birthday fundraiser.

Happy Birthday!

It's that time of year again when your friends and family ask you what you want for your birthday!

Stuck for ideas? Why not host a birthday fundraising page and ask people to donate the cost of your present to Kidscan instead? Birthday fundraisers are super easy to setup and help you to avoid another pair of socks!

Ready to fundraise? Simply follow the guides below to setup your fundraising page, and Kidscan will send you all the materials you need, so you can sit back and enjoy your big day!

Setup Your Fundraising Page

There are three different platforms you can use to host your birthday fundraiser. If the majority of your friends and family are on Facebook, we recommend setting up a Facebook Fundraiser. If you want to share you page far and wide we recommend going for JustGiving or Enthuse. No Matter which platform you choose we are sure your fundraiser will be a huge success!

Guide to Birthday Fundraisers

Want to make the most out of your Birthday Fundraiser? Our guide to hosting a birthday fundraiser will get you off to a flying start!

Before the big day

Plan your dates
Okay so your Birthday is a given but think about how long you want to run your fundraiser for. You will need time to let your friends and family your plans so they don’t run out and buy you a gift, so think about when they would need to know and setup your fundraising page in plenty of time.

Set a Fundraising Goal
Having a fundraising goal is a great way to get people excited about your fundraiser, especially if they can see how they have contributed to your total. So before setting up your fundraising page think about what you would like to raise, to get you started, think about how much people are likely to give on your Birthday anyway and use that as a starting point.

Choose your fundraising platform
We recommend setting up a Facebook fundraising page, especially if your friends and family all use Facebook. But if you’re big on other social media channels, you could also use an external fundraising platform such as JustGiving or Enthuse, these platforms make it easy to share you fundraising link across different social media channels. Once you’ve chosen your platform click one of the links below to setup your page.

Share your story
Once you have your fundraising page setup, the next step is to raise awareness. Share your fundraising page link on social media, display posters around your workplace or school and send a quick text to friends and family.

Make sure you tell people why you want to donate to Kidscan, sharing facts and figures about Childhood Cancer and the charity will help compel people to give.

On the Big Day

Say Thank You
People always send you birthday wishes on your birthday, so make sure you say thank you and remind them that they can donate to a cause close to your heart. You may find that people who don’t usually buy gifts would be willing to donate to charity.

Share your totaliser
Share your fundraising total to date and encourage people to help you hit your fundraising goal. Remind people it’s your birthday and that you would love to reach your target

Boost your Donations
You don’t have to just collect donations online, you could make a birthday badge with a QR code for people to scan, carry around a collection tin with you or even raffle off your birthday cake to boost your donations!

After the big day

One Last Push!
Take the time to thank everybody that donated and tell them how much you have raised to date. If you had a target, remind everyone of your target and give them a way to add extra donations to help you meet it.

You can download our “We did it” poster to help you!

Match Funding
Once all your donations are in, check if your employer offers match funding. Many businesses will offer to match your fundraising total or a percentage of the money you raised. As us for more information on match funding.

Pay in your funds
Once you have your total confirmed and any match funding has been explored, pay in any outstanding funds to Kidscan. You can get in touch with your assigned community fundraiser or visit our donation page to find out how to transfer your funds to Kidscan.

 One last thank you
Once we have your total, we will send you a certificate which you can use to thank all of your supporters again, and most importantly show them exactly what their money will go towards!

This is also a great way to let them know of any upcoming fundraising plans you have too!

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