Charity Trustee (Voluntary Position)

As a leading Children’s Cancer Research charity, Kidscan is a Salford-based charity that funds and manages research into new and improved treatments for children with cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death in children in the UK. 25% of children diagnosed won’t make it to their 30th birthday. Many of the children who do survive, suffer life-long, life-limiting side effects caused by the treatments used to cure them. 

We receive no statutory funding, but with contributions from the public, volunteers and businesses, we fund research to develop new treatments that not only cure children with cancer but also prevent the side effects of current treatments such as learning difficulties, mobility issues and infertility. 

As a fully registered charity, our Kidscan vision and purpose is that we believe all children should not only survive their cancer, but thrive afterwards. Going on to enjoy their lives to the full, without the limiting impact of having suffered from Cancer. This guides our decision-making and strategic development.   

Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research are seeking to appoint new trustees to join the Trustee Board as well as the Fund-Raising Committee, respectively. You will be part of a collegiate and committed Board, acting as a “critical friend” to senior Kidscan leadership and offering good governance oversight to the charity. You will have the exciting opportunity to further develop our charitable purpose strategy and programmes during your term. 

We are particularly interested in candidates who can offer expertise in technology or marketing and communications, and charity and legal governance. You will bring an entrepreneurial and inspiring leadership approach, together with a dedicated knowledge in one of the areas as sought, to complement the skills of the existing Board. We welcome candidates who can contribute greater diversity of representation and thinking to our Board and be fully aligned to our vision and values of Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research. 


We are looking to recruit and develop new trustees to serve on our Board: one will become a member of our Fundraising Committee and will sit on both the board and committee. We are particularly interested in candidates who can offer knowledge, skills and experience in charity & legal governance, educational technology or marketing & communications. We welcome candidates who are able to contribute greater diversity of representation and thinking to our Board.  Both appointees will enjoy the opportunity to further develop our charitable purpose strategy and programmes. 

The Board delegates specific powers to the Kidscan Leadership Team and works with them to deliver agreed goals and outcomes in accordance with the charity’s strategy and governance. The Board has a key role in maintaining effective oversight and acting as a “critical friend” to senior Kidscan leadership. 


The prospective trustees will be able to contribute effectively to the work of the Board which: 

  • Provides entrepreneurial leadership of the charity
  • Sets the Group’s vision, values, educational philosophy and standards of charity’s conduct, ensuring that obligations to stakeholders are understood and met; 
  • Approves and monitors the charity’s strategy, business plans, budgets and key performance indicators;
  • Monitors the effectiveness of the charity’s governance arrangements, including appointments to the Board and its Committees, the use of corporate assets, related party transactions, and the management of risks and conflicts of interest;
  • Oversees the process of external disclosure and communications including the development of the brand and the management of the charity’s reputation;
  • Reviews the performance of management and determines the charity’s remuneration policy.
  • Appoints the Chief Executive and senior members of staff to manage the day-to-day activities, operations and resources of the charity, and contributes to the appointment of other senior leadership positions within the charity.


The new Trustees will be expected to commit a minimum of 15 days per year to their role in addition to preparation and reading time. We typically hold six board meetings per year and expect each Trustee to participate fully. In addition, there are opportunities to participate in important Kidscan events (e.g.Royal Visits).

As Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research holds charitable status, this position will be unremunerated.


This is a strategic non-executive role to ensure the success of Kidscan as a funding provider, a charity and an active business operation. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the vision and values of Kidscan.


  • Evidence of a sound understanding of the third sector
  • Ability to contribute as a non-executive to a broad range of board topics based on experience and intellect
  • Ability to think, plan and operate strategically
  • Leadership style – consensual, inspirational and firm 
  • Holding to account – achievement focus 
  • Ability to work closely with all key stakeholders at both national and international (multicultural) levels 
  • High level and broad networking 
  • High level communication skills 
  • Strong interpersonal skills 


  • Presence and gravitas 
  • Enthusiasm and passion for the role 
  • Necessary tact and diplomacy 
  • Strength of character and resolve; resilience in times of challenge
  • The ability to put together well-reasoned arguments 
  • Commitment and ability to devote sufficient time to Kidscan and the role 


To apply please send a CV and covering letter to board@kidscan.org.uk 



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