Gifts that
Make a Difference

Make a difference this Christmas by choosing to give a gift to Kidscan in a loved one's name.

Give a Gift in Lieu

If you are finding it difficult to find gifts this year, why not donate to Kidscan instead? Every penny you donate get's us one step closer to finding safe new treatments for children diagnosed with cancer.

When you donate in a loved one's name, we will even send you a Christmas card designed by one of our ambassadors, to let your friends and family know the good cause you have donated to.

To help you decide how much to donate, we have picked out some of the most popular gifts and compared them to how much research you could fund instead!

Unwanted Gifts?

Trying to avoid unwanted gifts this year? Here's two fantastic solutions to help you raise money for charity, whilst avoiding those awkward present unwrapping moments!

Set up a fundraising page

Giving gifts at Christmas is often a way to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us. So if you think your loved ones will miss giving you something physical, why not set up an online fundraising page in aid of Kidscan.

Thinking of asking for donations? Check out our guide to choosing the best fundraising page for you

Give it Away

You can’t always avoid the odd unwanted gift so if you end up stuck with a gift you don’t want, then you can always donate it to a charity. From raffles, tombola’s and charity shops charities can always make use of good quality gifts from boxes of chocolates, to socks and bath sets.

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