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Covid19 has significantly impacted our income, help us to survive and thrive so we can help children diagnosed with cancer do the same.

We need your help

Today, despite Covid19, four children will be diagnosed with cancer in the UK. Because of harsh treatments, 60% of those who survive will suffer “late effects” including bone issues, organ problems and developmental issues that require lifelong support from the NHS.

Childhood cancer has a lasting impact and currently Covid19 is making this worse. Pressure on the NHS means patients are facing delays in diagnosis, treatment and support, increasing the likelihood and impact of late-effects. In addition many families are facing tough decisions around treatments that can make their child vulnerable.

At Kidscan we believe that not even a pandemic should force a parents to make a decision about treatments, or stop a survivor who is suffering late effects from receiving the support they need. Because we believe that better treatments should already be available.

Because of Covid19 we have lost over half of our income, and we expect this to continue. So we are asking for your support. Please help us to survive and thrive this pandemic, so we can find safer treatments and help children diagnosed with cancer do the same.


Just 3.5% of cancer research is dedicated
to finding new treatments for children

Because of Covid19 there will be a 41% decrease in medical research spend in the UK this year. We fear that without charities like Kidscan, funding for Childhood Cancer Research will be severely impacted and will continue to be overlooked in favour of adult research.

We believe many of the new techniques and methods being used to fight Covid19 could lead to breakthroughs in childhood cancer research, so it is now more important that we continue to exist to fund vital research.

To help simply get involved using one of the links below, and as always our team are here to help.


Since lockdown we have seen an overwhelming increase in the number of funding request by researchers across the country. However, it costs between £2,000 to £65,000 to fund a single research project.

Single Donation
A single donation of just £10 would fund 1 hour of vital childhood cancer research

Monthly Donation
In 1 year, a monthly donation of just £6 would fund a full day of childhood cancer research

Every penny, you donate will bring us one step closer to finding safer treatments for children diagnosed with cancer.



Fundraising is a great way of raising money whilst doing something incredible at the same time, and as lockdown steadily eases there are hundreds of ways you can fundraise even from the comfort of your home!

You could ask for donations to charity instead of birthday presents, join in one of our virtual fundraisers or even donate the money you would have spent on a haircut during lockdown!

On average fundraising can raise enough to fund over 1 day of lab time for a childhood cancer researcher, and every penny counts!

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Corporate Fundraising

Over the last few months the UK has had to adapt to new ways of working. Our researchers have been unable to carry out life saving research, some of our fundraisers have been furloughed and those who have been able to work, have had to adapt to working from home.

At Kidscan we find that fundraising is a fantastic way to keep teams together especially those who cannot be together physically. From coffee mornings to virtual runs there are plenty of ways to raise whilst keeping motivation high.

To find out more get in touch via the link below

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Share your Story

Whether you are currently going through treatment, or are living with late effects caused by childhood cancer treatments, sharing your story can be a great way to educate others about the need for safer treatments specifically for children.

And if Covid19 has impacted your diagnosis, treatment or access to support, sharing your story can help us to raise awareness of how important it is to ensure that childhood cancer receives the funding it so desperately needs, during this pandemic.

Your story can also help children and families affected by childhood cancer find strength. Together we can help to find safe new treatments for future generations.

Share your story

Find out more

From diagnosis to treatment and aftercare, Covid19 has significantly impacted every aspect of childhood cancer. And with a lack of fundraising across the charity sector, Covid19 has impacted medical research across the country.

To find out more about how Covid19 has impact childhood cancer research you can download our report using the link below.

Alternatively you can get in touch with us via our contact page.


Kidscan Stories

“In cancer research in this country, a huge percentage of it is done by the charity sector, the big research organisations are normally funded by charities. By a large extent, I think Its not only Kidscan that’s going to be impacted, it’s the charity sector that funds cancer research both for adults and children that’s going to be impacting on by a lack of fundraising.”

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