The End of Treatment Bells

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we have teamed up with The End of Treatment Bells to raise awareness of children's cancer. Together we are working to a world where every child diagnosed with cancer can ring the end of treatment bell, safe in the knowledge that they can go on to live healthy lives without suffering the side effects of many current cancer treatments.

The End of Treatment Bells

"Ring this bell three times well, it's toll to clearly say, my treatments done this course is run and I am on my way."

The End of Treatment Bell sits in many wards across the UK for children and adults to ring once they have finished their cancer treatment. The end of treatment bells where brought to the UK, by Tracey Paton who's daughter was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. After recieving Proton Therapy treatment in America, Tracey saw her daughter ring the end of treatment bell. Inspired Tracey was dedicated to bringing the end of Treatment Bell to the UK so every child diagnosed can celebrate the day their treatment ends. To date the charity has distributed over 180 bells across the UK, continuing to provide hope to those diagnosed and a chance to acknowledge the battle each child bravely endures during treatment.

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This September we have teamed up with The End of Treatment Bells on a number of initiatives to raise awareness of childhood cancer. We are also raising money to fund more End of Treatment Bells and to fund research to find safer treatments for children diagnosed with Cancer.

Gatley Memory Walk

Sadly 25% of the children diagnosed with cancer, will not survive – join us on the 7th September to remember those who where not given the chance to ring the End of Treatment Bell and those who lost their battle with cancer.

The walk starts at Gatley Train Station at 7pm. We will then walk to Walter Stansby Memorial Park, where you are invited to remember loved ones by leaving a gold ribbon and message.

Entry is a £2 suggested donation and includes entry to the walk, and a gold ribbon. All proceeds will go to Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research and The End of Treatment bells.

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Go Gold Gatley

With the End of Treatment Bells we are encouraging everyone to turn Gatley Gold.

On the 31st August, over 200 gold ribbons will be placed across Gatley to represent Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

In addition we are encouraging people to purchase ribbons to decorate their own fences, houses, doors and businesses. Ribbons can be bought at Best Friends Dog Grooming and Training, and Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research.

For more information simply get in touch via the link below

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Wear A Gold Ribbon

The aim of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is to raise awareness of children’s cancer far and wide – so what better way to raise awareness than to wear your own Gold Ribbon.

The gold ribbon is the symbol of childhood cancer awareness month, and to celebrate the partnership between Kidscan and End of Treatment Bells we have made joint ribbons.

Ribbons are just a £1 suggested donation, with all profits split between both charities.

For more information or to purchase a ribbon get in touch

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Share your Story

The End of Treatment Bells give children diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to celebrate the end of their cancer treatment, whilst providing hope for those currently undergoing treatment.

Our aim is to ensure every child diagnosed with cancer, has the opportunity to ring the end of treatment bell. By sharing your story of ringing the end of Treatment Bell you can help us to raise awareness of childhood cancer and the experiences every child has to go through to fight cancer.

You can share your story on the End of Treatment Bells Facebook community on the link below

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