Captain Tom 100

Celebrate the life of Captain Sir Tim Moore by joining the national campaign and fundraising for Kidscan. Simply complete any challenge around the number 100 between Friday 30 April and Monday 3 May and ask your friends and family for sponsorship!

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Do it Your Way

In 2020, during the Covid19 outbreak, Captain Sir Tom Moore walked 100 laps around his garden raising a phenomenal £38.9m for the NHS. To celebrate his life and to help charities struggling because of Covid19 – the whole world is invited to take part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge

Getting involved is simple, all you need to do is think of a challenge around the number 100. You could walk 100 laps around your garden, complete 100 minutes skip rope or even bake 100 cakes! The choice is yours!

Once you have chosen your challenge, setup your fundraising page and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Finally complete your challenge between Friday 30th April & Monday 3rd May, and don’t forget to share your 100 on social media using #CaptainTom100

Leila's Story

Leila was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) when she was 13 years old. Now 32 Leila told us

I consider myself to be a survivor but I live with a lot of long-term, late effects as a direct result of having chemotherapy and total body irradiation. The one that affects me most is avascular necrosis in my knees, hips, legs, shoulder and they suspect its in my ankles now too. Avascular necrosis means bone death and happens when the blood supply gets cut off causing the joints to collapse. The only cure is hip replacement etc but when it comes to the tibias there’s not much they can do about it.

60% of childhood cancer survivors like Leila will suffer late effects caused by treatments used to save their lives. With your help we can find safe new treatments so that every child can survive and thrive.

Captain Tom 100 FAQ's

Can I fundraise for Kidscan?

Yes! When you click the sign up links above you will be taken to our JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving web page – where you can setup a fundraising page in aid of Kidscan.

How much do I need to raise?

The money you raise goes towards finding safe new treatments for children with cancer, and every penny counts! There is no minimum fundraising amount but it does always help to have a target. We don’t expect you to aim of £38.9million, but maybe you could keep the theme going and aim for £100 – thats enough to fund 10 hours of research!

Should I use JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving?

That’s up to you! The Captain Tom 100 challenge has been launched with both JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving, giving you the ultimately flexibility to complete the challenge your way. Choosing a fundraising platform is entirely up to your preference, and as long as you choose Kidscan, your donations will come directly to us.

Can my school take part?

Yes! Anyone at all can take part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge, and because you can choose your own challenge – its really simple to tailor it to your school, sports club, community group or a group of friends! If you would like to discuss how you could adapt the Captain Tom 100 challenge to your local group or school, get in touch with our community fundraising manager here. 

Corporate Fundraising

Celebrate the life of Captain Sir Thomas Moore as a team! Inspire your colleagues and fundraise together to fund childhood cancer research. From a 100 mil cycle to work challenge to 100 zoom calls in a row there are hundreds of ways you can adapt the Captain Tom 100 challenge to your business. For more inspiration get in touch!

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