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Can you take complete 10,000 steps for 10 days to help raise £10,000 for childhood cancer research?

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Ready, Steady, Step!

Wether you are looking to get more active, or for new ways to support Kidscan, Step for Science is the perfect challenge for you! Simply complete 10,000 steps a day between March 22nd and 31st, and ask your friends, family or neighbours to sponsor you!

You can complete Step for Science anywhere, even if your stuck at home shielding or restricted by lockdown. From jogging on the spot to walking up and down your stairs, there are hundreds of creative ways you can up your steps!

In the UK, a large percentage of cancer research is funded by charities like Kidscan. But because of the impact of Covid19 on fundraising, it is estimated that there will be a 41% reduction in medical research spend by charities across the UK. Sadly, only 3.5% of cancer research is dedicated to finding treatments for childhood cancer, and we fear the impact of Covid19 will reduce this further.

By joining Step for Science, not only are you staying fit, but you are helping us to continue giving Childhood Cancer Research the focus it deserves. By helping to raise £10,000 you can help us to fund five research projects all dedicated to childhood cancer. We’ll even keep you updated on their progress over the next year!

Take your first step by signing up below and together we can step towards a world where every child diagnosed with cancer and survive and thrive after treatment.

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Help us to raise £10,000

Together through Step for Science we aim to fund 5 research projects, all aimed at furthering childhood cancer research. Every £2,000 Step for Sciences raises will fund one of the research projects below. Take a look at where your money will be invested.

Step for Science FAQ's

  • Can’t see the answer to your question below? Get in touch here and one of our team will be in touch to help.
How does Step For Science work?
  • Sign up to Step for Science for free and we’ll send you a fundraising pack with instructions on how to set up your fundraising page
  • Once you have setup your fundraising page you can start raising money by asking your friends and family to sponsor you to complete the challenge.
  • Every penny you raise will be added to a central pot, and each time we reach £2,000 we will fund one of our five research projects!
  • Between the 22nd March complete your challenge by doing 10,000 steps a day for 10 days!
  • Finally pay in any offline donations, and help us to reach our goal of £10,000!
How much do I need to raise?

We want everyone taking part in Step for Science to have fun whilst raising money for a good cause. We find that having a goal is a great way to secure donations, so recommend a fundraising target of £100. But don’t worry if you can’t raise £100, because every penny goes into a central pot, towards our goal of £10,000 for 5 research projects.

Don’t forget Gift Aid allows us to boost your donations by 25%! Meaning for every eligible pound you raise we can claim an extra 25p! GivePenny claims Gift Aid on our behalf, but if you are collecting manual donations, use our sponsor form when fundraising and remember to ask people if their donations are gift aid eligible!

How do I complete 10,000 steps?

Reaching 10,000 steps a day is easier than you think! Think about all the steps you already do in your daily routine and you are already halfway there. To increase your steps you could increase your daily walk in the park, or even choose to walk when you would usually get the bus!

Just make sure that you adhere to government guidelines on daily exercise and social distancing when planning your activities.

How do I record my steps?

We use a platform called GivePenny, that allows you to setup a fundraising page and link it to FitBit to track your steps automatically. But if you don’t have a FitBit, don’t worry you can count and add your steps manually.

Step for Science begins on the 22nd March, so if you plan to count your steps manually, you can use the time leading up to the challenge to count the steps you take doing different activities. When it comes to the challenge you can simply track the different activities you do in a day making it easier for you to count!

Finding safer treatments for Children with Cancer

Charlotte Jennings was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia at the age of 11. Now cancer-free, Charlotte unfortunately faces the reality that the treatments used to save her life have left her with life-long side effects including avascular necrosis and osteoporosis. Charlotte has brittle bones, has stropped growing and will never be able to have her own children.

Every penny you raise will help us to find safe new treatments for children like Charlotte.

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