Fundraising Ideas for the World Cup 2018

Top Ideas Fundraising during the World Cup is easy! To get you started we have pulled together our top fundraising ideas

Mini Cup!

Create your very own mini world cup! Put everyone who takes part into different teams and assign them a country. To raise money ask everyone who participates to donate an entry fee to Kidscan. You can even boost your fundraising by selling match day snacks or even memorabilia.

Watch The Cup!

Invite your friends, family and neighbours to watch the World Cup! Get some treats in, ask everyone for a small entry fee and gather round the big screen to watch history in the making

World Cup Buffet

Looking for something a little different? Why not learn about all the different countries taking part in the
World Cup by hosting a food market. You could sell food from around the world – or even invite people to make it for you.

Dress Down Day

Old or new, retro or modern – put your shirt on and support any team from around the world! Have a laugh reminiscing memories from past world cups and dig out your shirt from the old days.

Football Quiz

Test everyone’s knowledge of World Cup history and find out who the ultimate footie fan is once and for all! Charge an entry fee to raise donations and you could use a share of the entry for the prize!

Football Swear Jar

Fed up of hearing about the World Cup already? Why not create a football swear jar? Everytime someone mentions the World Cup – they have to put £1 in the jar!

Test Your Skills! 

Whether its at work or home, why not hold a football skills competition. You could grab a net and shoot
penalties, or try to break the world record for keepie-uppies!

Football Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are always a popular way to raise money for charity! To make it easy we’ve put together a sweepstake kit for you to download! Download
Want to boost your fundraising? You could hold an extra competition to
guess the number of red cards that will be issued or goals that will be scored!

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