Childhood Cancer
Awareness Month

September is Children's Cancer Awareness Month. From fundraising to wearing your gold ribbon, find out how you can get involved.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the issues surrounding childhood cancer and the harsh treatments often used to battle the disease.

1 in 500 children will be diagnosed with cancer before they are 14 years old. Sadly the treatments used are often designed for adults and can cause damage to the healthy cells in children's growing bodies. As a result 60% of those who survive will suffer life long side effects known as late-effects. These late-effects can include organ and bone problems, development issues, hearing loss, secondary cancer and in some cases infertility.

That's what makes September so important. Each year people around the world work hard to raise awareness of childhood cancer, as well as vital funds to find better treatments for children diagnosed with cancer. From fundraising to wearing your ribbon, or even setting up a monthly donation, everything you do this September will help us get one step closer to a world where every child diagnosed can survive and thrive.


Ways to Get Involved

We have picked out a few of our favourite ways to raise this September, and don't forget once you have a fundraiser in mind, let us know and we can support you in making it a huge success.

Kidscan Stories

"I met friends at the hospital who had cancer too, i'm wearing my golden ribbon for them"

This September help us to raise awareness of Childhood Cancer by telling us who you wear #GoldFor

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