'In aid of" Agreement

Thank you for choosing to fundraise ‘in aid of’ Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research, the money you raise will help us to find new and improved treatments for children with cancer.

When you choose to fundraise for Kidscan there are certain rules and regulations the charity and you must follow which are outlined by the fundraising regulator. Inline with those regulations, this agreement aims to highlight the relationship between the charity and you as a fundraiser, in order to achieve the best possible outcome from your fundraising activities.

If you are an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser taking on an event or challenge organised by Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research you will also need to be aware of the additional guidance laid out here.

We want to thank you again for choosing to fundraise for Kidscan and should you have any queries please contact us and one of our team will be more than happy to help.


If you are under 18, please show this page to your parent of guardian, and ask them to register on your behalf.

In aid of fundraising & your responsibility

An ‘in aid of’ fundraiser is defined by the fundraising regulator as an “in aid of’ volunteer. They outline that:

‘A volunteer acting in aid of an organisation should have no authority to act in its name, and it should be clear that the volunteer is simply raising funds for the organisation but acting in his or her own capacity. An organisation will not then generally be responsible for the volunteer’s acts.’

Inline with this guidance, by choosing to raise money in aid of Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research you agree that:

  • You are responsible for organising all aspects of your fundraising activities and that Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research will not accept any liability relating to your fundraising activities.
  • You must make it clear that you are raising funds “in aid of” Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research to define that your fundraising activity is separate to our own
  • You will inform Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research of any “in aid of” activities you wish to undertake, in advance of the activity
  • You will ensure that your fundraising does not put anybody at risk, is legal and follows fundraising guidance. We have included additional information below to help you with this.
  • You understand that in line with The Charites Act 1992, Kidscan have the right to withdraw support for your activities at any time should we object to the fundraising methods, or feel that they do not fall in line with guidance or the law
How we support you

The team at Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research are proud of the support that we provide to our ‘in aid of’ fundraisers. We promise that we will:

  • Provide you will a dedicated point of contact who’ll will be on hand to answer your questions and support you where appropriate
  • Send you fundraising materials to help your fundraising activities stand out
  • On receipt of the monies raised, we will acknowledge your fundraiser and the amount raised
  • Promise to process your information inline with our GDPR Policy

Kidscan may also agree to provide you with merchandise such as pin badges & wristbands or collection pots to aid your fundraising activities, although this is not guaranteed.


Organising your event

As an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser you are responsible for organising all aspects of your fundraising activity. Before your event please plan a budget as Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research cannot be held responsible for any costs, taxes or expenses incurred or arising in connections with your fundraising activity. If relevant your budget should include any prizes and giveaways as Kidscan cannot help with this aspect of your fundraising.

You must also seek approval from Kidscan to deduct any expenses from monies raised, prior to the activity taking place.

Keeping it Safe & Legal

As an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser it is your responsibility to keep your fundraising safe and legal. You agree to:


  • Carry our all necessary steps to protect the health and safety of participants and spectators, including carrying out the necessary risk assessments, providing any necessary safety equipment and that appropriate supervision is in place, especially if children are involved
  • Obtain appropriate insurance for the activity as you are not covered by Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research’s insurance
  • Obtain appropriate licences or permissions before carrying out a public collection or event (usually from the local council or land-owner) and agree to run any Collections inline with fundraising regulations. More Guidance on collections can be found in our Volunteer Collector Policy
  • Comply with health and safety regulations in particular those related to food or drink, to ensure the safety of guests
  • Carry out any raffles, lotteries or other games inline with gambling legislation. If you are planning to sell tickets over several days you may need to apply for a licence. Please refer to the Gambling Commission guidelines
Promoting your event & using our logo

As an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser, the promotion of your activity is your responsibility. Kidscan may choose to interact with you on social media and add coverage of your fundraiser to our platforms, however this is not guaranteed.

Kidscan can provide you with our bespoke ‘in aid of’ logo to help support your fundraising activities and to help you define your fundraising activity from our own

As in ‘in aid of’ fundraiser you agree to;

  • Seek approval from an agreed representative before producing your own resources or using the Kidscan brand and logo
  • Seek approval from Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research before approaching media or celebrities
  • Inform Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research of any coverage secured
Cancelling an Event

Should you need to cancel an event you must inform Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research straight away. All money raised to date, should be returned to supporters or transferred to Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research should the support wish you to do so.

After the Event

As an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser you agree:

  • That if you send Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research any photographs of your activity, Kidscan may (free of charge) publish or broadcast them to publicise the work of Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research and to encourage others to fundraise ‘in aid of’ the charity.
  • To return any unsold merchandise and all collections materials to Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research within one week of your fundraising activities taking place.
What to do with the monies raised

As an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser you are responsible for processing all monies raised from your activity. If you are handling offline sponsorship money or money raised, please ensure your comply with our cash handling policy by:

Take appropriate steps to ensure that all money raised is recorded accurately and safely transferred to Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research, within 4 weeks of your fundraising activity taking place.

  • Include in your records; any expenditure deducted from the monies raised which should be pre-approved by Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research ahead of the activity
  • Ensuring two trusted persons are present when access funds and counting
  • Advise Kidscan once money has been transferred by email your assigned representative or by emailing info@kidscan.org.uk

Details of how to pay in funds to Kidscan can be found at www.kidscan.org.uk/donate

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