Jubilee Fundraising

By fundraising over the Jubilee weekend, you can help us to find new and improved treatments for children with cancer!

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Celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion by hosting a Jubilee Fundraiser in aid of Kidscan. From traditional afternoon tea to a full street party, no matter how you decide to fundraise this Jubilee weekend, you can be assured you are helping us move towards a world where every child diagnosed with cancer can survive and thrive! To help you get your fundraising off to a royal start, we have picked out our favourite fundraising ideas and put them in a handy pack with posters, templates and more! Download Pack

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Already know what fundraiser you want to do, or looking for more inspiration? Take a look at our Jubilee downloadables. Once you have picked your fundraiser click the button below to setup your fundraising page!

Where your money goes

Aged 15 months Emma was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She then began twenty months of chemotherapy which reduced the size of the tumour. However,  after six months the tumour began to grow again. This pattern has repeated and Emma has been on and off treatment for 11 years.

In the UK, only three new treatments for children with cancer have been developed in the last 20 years, meaning treatment options for children like Emma are limited. With the money you raise with your Jubilee celebration, we can fund research across the UK to find new and improved treatments specifically for children with cancer.

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