March Fundraising Ideas

March is a great month full of celebrations and days that you can use to fundraise for your chosen charity. To get you started we have picked out our top 5 holidays to give you some inspiration!

Spring Clean


The first of March marks the first day of spring, and so we come to spring cleaning! Each year we grab all the cleaning equipment we can, brush away the cobwebs and throw out a load of rubbish that’s been clogging up our cupboards. But as you heave those rubbish bags into the wheelie bin, have you ever considered how much money you are throwing away?

Instead of throwing away clothes, toys, furniture and bric-a-brac you could make money for charity! Why not donate it to a charity shop or even raise money by putting it on eBay or Facebook Market!

Pancake Day – 5th March


Also known as Shrove Tuesday, pancake day marks the day directly before Ash Wednesday when traditionally people get rid of the rich foods in their house ready for the 40 day period of fasting known as lent. Pancakes are often associated with the day, as they are a great way to get rid of eggs, milk and sugar.

Not only does pancake Tuesday give you a great excuse to dine out on some amazing food, but it’s also a great opportunity to fundraise!

You could host a competition at school or in work to see who can flip the most pancakes or who can stack the highest pancake tower! You could even host a sponsored pancake race!


Lent is the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, often celebrated by Christians. During lent many people commit to giving up something, symbolising the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert.

Along with New Year Resolutions, Lent can be one of the hardest things to stick to, so why not make it into a fundraiser by asking people to sponsor you! The extra support will help to see you through whilst the money you raise can make a huge difference to the charity of your choice!

All you need to do is set up a fundraising page, and commit to giving up something for 40 days! 

World Book Day – 7th March


Every year people across the world celebrate world book day in aid of the World Book Day charity who are dedicated to ensuring every child has a book of their own. In addition, it’s also a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading, so it’s a great opportunity to create a book-themed fundraiser!

You could organise a book character fancy dress, host a book-themed quiz or hold a book sale!

But world book day isn’t just a great opportunity to fundraise, it’s also a great time to raise awareness of childhood cancer by reading one of the many books. Why not check out our list of the top books about childhood cancer.

St Patrick’s Day


The 17th March marks the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and is a day of festivals, parades, music and wearing green attire. With so much going on it’s the perfect time to host a fundraiser.

You could ask everyone to dress in green, host your own music festival or hold a shamrock bake sale!

Still, looking for fundraising ideas? Why not download our fundraising ideas brochure to give yourself some inspiration!? Or take a look at some of the fundraisers our supporters have been up to this month!


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