Martin Keelagher

Interim Chair of the Board

Martin is a director at boutique venture capital and advisory firm Walford Cunningham and Hayes, and became a trustee at Kidscan in 2015. With several years’ experience in international, commercial environments, Martin draws on his expertise in business strategy, finance, management and growth in pushing Kidscan to meet vital fundraising targets that will drive forward our pioneering research.

Martin sits on the board of a number of charities and businesses, including RECLAIM Project, British Council for Prevention of Blindness, Security Access Systems, CNi Solutions, Lazarus Fitness and Agile Automations, to name a few key organisations. He also launched Football In The City in 2015, to raise both the awareness and funding capabilities of Kidscan and Reclaim Project.

Martin discovered Kidscan through the research projects and academic placements that it supports through its partnership with The University of Salford, and wanted to support the charity in developing its funding strategy and research reach, through his experience in the commercial space.

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