Olivia Paton

Patient Ambassador

Olivia's Story

Olivia was 3 ½ when a suspected chest infection was diagnosed in fact found to be acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (A.L.L). Olivia needed 2 blood transfusions and a platelet transfusion.

Olivia spent 2 ½ years on the strongest chemotherapy treatment for A.L.L. After completing the intensive phase of treatment she began the maintenance phase on her 4th birthday. This included oral chemotherapy, weekly methotrexate and a stronger bolus IV chemo every 4 weeks followed by 5 days of steroids.

Olivia completed treatment and rang the bell in November 2017. Her mobility has returned and her hair is re-growing.

When Olivia was diagnosed her sister Charlotte was just 7 months old. Family life was torn apart. We are now trying to adjust to live a normal family life, praying that her leukaemia stays in remission and that she grows into adulthood without suffering any late effects of the chemotherapy treatment.

You can read Olivia's story from her mum on our blog

Olivia's Story

Olivia & Kidscan

Olivia joined Kidscan as an ambassador in 2018. Along with her family she is dedicated to raising awareness of Kidscan and the effects of children's cancer and the treatments used

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