Olly Johnson

Patient Ambassador

Olly's Story

Aged just 2, Olly Johnson was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia after months of being poorly. Originally doctors advised that he was suffering from a viral infection, but after a second opinion Olly commenced treatment at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Olly was accepted onto a clinical trial for ALL treatment which made him very ill. In total Olly endured over 70 nights in hospital and 1 week on intensive care because of the side affects of his treatment.

In November 2014 Olly's intense treatment was finished, and was then started on maintenance therapy which included 2 weekly blood tests and daily oral chemotherapy. This continued for 3 years until Olly finally rang the end of treatment bell at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Now cancer free, Olly now has 3 monthly blood tests to monitor his progression.

You can read more about Olly's story from his mum's point of view on our blog.

Olly's Story

Olly & Kidscan

In 2018 Olly joined Kidscan as a patient ambassador. Olly and his family now help Kidscan to increase awareness around the issues associated with childhood cancer, and the lack of current treatments available.

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