Reasons to run a marathon

There is plenty of reason that you may consider running a marathon. It may be the sense of achievement that you have ticked another item off the bucket list or visited that city you’ve always been talking about or to help out your local charity.

Take a look at some at the reasons below for people who want to run a marathon.

Improve fitness

The training leading up to marathon will improve your overall general health and fitness. When you run regularly, it strengths your heart, reduces your cholesterol and blood pressure levels and improves your immune system.

It is also an excellent way to reduce stress levels built it up over your day at work. If you are someone who is stationary for the most of your day, then regular running will bring new bound energy into your life.

Fun of it

Not all marathons about wearing compression tights, sportswear and the latest runner shoes. It can also be about dressing up the Disney characters or famous actors or sports heroes.

The trend to wear costumes in a marathon is increasing. It can come down to the lack of individuality when people all look the same in a race or people want to reason more awareness for their charities closet to them. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you leave room for fun!

Bucket list

The purpose of a bucket list may be different depending on who you speak to. I believe it keeps your spirit for adventure intact and flourishing. It can range from skydiving, learning to surf or facing down a 26.2-mile long marathon.

For some, marathons may be a bucket list item that you have wanted to tick off for quite some time. The satisfaction of achieving such a goal is an amazing feeling that is accompanied by the ones we have listed and many more.

Travel to new places

Ever wanted to travel to a place but keep on come on with excuses? Well, marathons are a good excuse to visit a different city or country. There any many marathons around the world including Champs-Elysées, Berlin, Boston and local ones like the Greater Manchester Marathon to choose from.

After the race, you should consider something that is therapeutic which will help your recovery process. You should consider the time to sightsee after your run and discover all the things that make that city unique.

Meet new people

Leading up to your marathon it is a good idea to find a running partner or join a running club to keep you going with times get tough (and they will). It also helps with holding you accountable and pushes you that little bit extra.

This is a perfect way to meet new people if you have recently moved cities or just love to exercise and want to find people that have common interests as you. You’ll never know who you’ll meet along the way.

Fundraise for a charity

Running for a charity that is close to you is another reason why people want to run marathons. The 26.2-mile run is a great challenge and what a better way to help a charity closest to you. It can also help with the doubts and the temptation to give up that arise during training and your marathon.

Many charities like Kidscan buy places for these marathons and offer these places at a discount price in exchange to raise a certain amount of vital funds. You can check out the runs for you this year that we participate in.


There you have it. Whatever decision you make, make sure you enjoy the process along the way, and I am sure you will grow as a person by doing so.


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