Kidscan placement proposal: Development of small-molecule glycomimetics as inhibitors of HGF-Met activation.

HGF/SF is a growth factor involved in epithelial cell replication and motility which has been strongly implicated in cancer progression and metastasis.  It represents a potentially valuable extracellular target for therapeutic inhibition.  Simple glycomimetics, based on heparin, have been discovered with selective inhibitory activity against HGF/SF activation of its specific signalling receptor MET. Subsequently, an even simpler mimic has been made which shows good potency in a wound healing assay. The purpose of this project is to synthesise a series of simple heparin mimics for evaluation in wound-healing assays and to establish whether the wound healing inhibition is related to HGF-Met interaction and whether these compounds have potential in cancer chemotherapeutics.

Grant Award – Kidscan Student Placement (2016 – 2017)

Funding Award – £2000.00

Funding Awarded to – Dr Jim Wilkinson

Research Location – University of Salford

Lead Researcher – Dr Jim Wilkinson