Synthesis and evaluation of novel analogues of emetine as a new treatment for leukaemia

Emetine is a naturally-occurring drug used for many years to treat amoebiasis (infection caused by amoeba’s). It also has very useful activity against many cancers including leukaemia but has side-effects which have prevented its development. We propose to make a range of new compounds slightly different in structure to emetine which can be tested for anti-cancer activity and developed into possible new treatments for childhood leukaemia. The intention is that new compounds made would have the activity of the natural product, or more, without the side-effects.

Grant Award – Kidscan Student Placement (2016 – 2017)

Funding Award – £2000.00

Funding Awarded to – Dr Jim Wilkinson

Research Location – University of Salford

Lead Researcher – Dr Jim Wilkinson