How to set up a Facebook Fundraising page

This year we signed up to Facebook Fundraising – allowing our dedicated supporters to fundraise for us on Facebook! Whether you are looking for sponsorship for a challenge, hosting a party or fundraiser or dedicating your birthday to Kidscan, setting up a Facebook Fundraising page can help you to boost your donations – plus Facebook don’t charge us any fees, so we see 100% of your donation!

So how do you set up a Facebook Fundraiser?

Step one

Login to Facebook and go to our Facebook page and scroll down. Click on Fundraisers in the left-hand column.


Step two

Next Click on the blue “Raise Money” button at the top right of the fundraisers.


Step three

Next Add the details of your fundraiser including how long you want it to last, and how much money you want to raise. Make sure that Kidscan is selected as your chosen charity! When you’re done, click Next

TOP TIP! 50% of donations come in after an event takes place – so it’s always a good idea to leave your fundraiser open for a few weeks after your fundraiser!



Step five

Add the name of your fundraiser and a description – make sure you let people know why you are fundraising! When you’re happy – click Next


Step six

Finally, choose a cover photo – you can use ours or you can choose one of your own! When you’re ready click next to complete setting up your fundraiser!



Congratulations! Your Facebook fundraiser is now set up – and you can start raising money! If you want some tips on how to boost your donations then get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share some tips and tricks!


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