Step for Science, with Bethany Kidscan's Corporate Fundraising Manager

“With Spring officially sprung we are launching a challenge for businesses tpromote physical activity: encouraging employees to take time away from their desk to get some fresh air, giving them an opportunity to stay active and refresh themselves for the rest of the day. 

Employees are in many cases, and for the foreseeable, still working from home or at a distance from their colleagues. This challenge ‘Step for Science’ can help to bring people together to have fun and achieve a common goal, helping to facilitate team building and communication.  

The challenge can be taken on as an individual or employees can involve the people in their household. It’s a great way to burn off children’s energy and explore the outdoors. Could you make a day of it? Each family member taking turns to walk up and down the stairs to rack up their steps and spread the load?” 

As well as an energised workforce, an added bonus of this challenge is that Kidscan is offering businesses the chance to directly sponsor a children’s cancer research project in their company’s name.  

Sponsor a Project: 

If your business can raise £2,000 by entering a team into Step for Science, we will fund one of the five Kidscan projects in your name. That means we will keep you updated on the progress of your research and mention your company in all marketing associated with the project. You will even get the opportunity to meet the researcher working on your project on one of our upcoming lab tours! 

This can increase the visibility of your business – this challenge could be a great new way to engage with your suppliers and customers by showcasing the impact your business is having on funding vital research. 

The Challenge: 

Step for Science: 10,000 Steps + 10 Days + £10,000 

We’d like companies to ask their teams to complete 10,000 steps every day for 10 days, and raise money for Kidscan through sponsorship.  

This can be a bespoke event, I can tailor it to your individual business and shape the activities plus collateral to what you need, to engage your colleagues. 

Because Step for Science is a virtual event, people can complete their steps anywhere making it the perfect challenge, regardless of whether they are working from home, self-isolating or commuting to the office. Steps can also be completed anytime, giving you a great way to encourage colleagues to take regular breaks away from their desks!  

We hope that by joining Step for Science, not only are you encouraging your colleagues to keep fit, but you are also helping us to continue funding vital Childhood Cancer Research. Every penny raised by people taking part in the challenge will be added to a central pot. Each time we hit £2,000 we will fund another fantastic childhood cancer research project. Our aim is to fund five new research projects worth £10,000! 

Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research exists because 60% of childhood cancer survivors will suffer late effects that can include hearing loss, organ & bone problems and even infertility, caused by the treatments used to save their lives. We fund research dedicated to finding targeted therapies that target cancerous cells, without damaging healthy cells, reducing the late effects caused.  

The Research Projects: 

Through Step for Science, we hope to fund these five research projects, all dedicated to finding safe new treatments for children with cancer: 

1) Finding new ways to identify treatment induced drug resistance in childhood leukaemia patients.  

Charlotte was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia when she was just 11 years old. Altogether Charlotte needed three rounds of chemotherapy. Although Charlotte is now cancer free, she lives with late-effects caused by the chemotherapies used to save her life. Due to avascular necrosis and osteoporosis, Charlotte has needed surgery on her legs and struggles to walk unaided. She has brittle bones, has stopped growing and will never be able to have children. Read more about Charlotte’s story here: kidscan.org.uk/people/charlotte-jennings/ 

2) Exploring the use of Nanotechnology for targeted immunotherapy of Neuroblastoma  

3) Investigating why some chemotherapies cause dangerous fluid build-up in childhood cancer patients’ lungs  

4) Identifying sensitive biomarkers for the treatment of Medulloblastoma  

Matty was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma when he was 12 years old after he developed headaches and sickness. Matty needed surgery, 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 14 months of chemotherapy before ringing the end of treatment bell to signify he was cancer free. But, since then Matty has sadly relapsed twice. His new treatments have left him with short term memory loss and sever chronic fatigue. Read more about Matty and why new research into Medulloblastoma is needed: kidscan.org.uk/mattys-story 

5) Understanding why some chemotherapies can lead to long-term damage to childhood cancer patients’ hearts  

Coleen was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma when she was 14 years old. She underwent chemotherapy for over a year before surgery. Although Coleen is now many years into her survivorship she still struggles with the late-eects caused by the treatments given to her. “I had loads of investigations and I ended up being diagnosed with tachycardia as well, so we knew the chemotherapy had damaged my heart along with everything else. It was a shock, and it brought me back to the reality that there are still things going wrong and the longer out of treatment I am, the more side effects that I’m getting and the more severe” 

To find out more about Step for Science and how your business can support Kidscanyou can get in touch with me by email: Bethany@kidscan.org.uk  or call: 07508 964 305 “


Bethany Hinchliffe, Corporate Fundraising Manager  



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