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Escape your University
For Kidscan

Have you got what it takes to blag your way across the world with only your charm and the clothes on your back?

Ready, Set, Go!

Jailbreak is Kidscan’s flagship student event, where participants have 30 hours to escape their university, and travel as far as they can without spending a penny of their own money. Every year RAG societies and student groups across the country take on this iconic adventure challenge, raising a minimum of £125 per person for children’s cancer research.

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More About Jailbreak

What is Jailbreak?

In a Jailbreak teams of three compete to get as far away from their starting point with only the clothes on their backs. That’s right – no money and no plans!

Using their charm each team has to blag travel to get them across the globe. The team who get’s the furthest wins the Jailbreak!

Because its for charity each team raises money by getting people to sponsor them to escape.

Is Jailbreak safe?

Yes – Over the last seven years we have hosted numerous Jailbreaks with each participant returning safely.

If you chose to host a Jailbreak for Kidscan will work with you every step of the way.

During the Jailbreak you will need to host “base camp”. From here you will track your participants as they scatter across the world – whilst providing a point of contact should they need to get in touch. We work with a Jailbreak event organsier who provides the necessary tracking devices.

We also provide guidance to participants on how to keep safe, from saying no to hitchhiking to getting the necessary insurance documents for the trip.

How far do people get?

In the part participants have fled to countries including China, Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany! But participants don’t have to escape the country to get far – the UK alone is 600 miles long!

Kidscan Stories

Beat the Record
The Kidscan record was made in 2009 by David and Simon. They managed to blag their way onto a cargo plane travelling over 18,000km and raising over £2,500! They even managed to win an award from JustGiving for the most innovative fundraisers!

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