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Jump Out Of A
Plane For Kidscan

Do something spectacular and fly through the clouds from over 10,000ft at speeds of up to 120mph!

Take the Jump!

Gather a team of 4 or more, and we’ll charter a plane just for you – no strangers, just friends together. You pick the date and the airfield location and Kidscan does the rest for you.

So if you want to organise your very own Skydive then get in touch with us and we can help you out.

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About The Skydive

Is it safe to Skydive?

We partner with experienced professionals who will look after you throughout your jump, including full training on the day, and the pleasure of being harnessed to an experience tandem parachute instructor as you take the jump!

How much does it cost?

This is an exclusive event, and Kidscan have developed a very affordable package for your team. Each diver pays a £75 registration fee, and then commits to raise a minimum of £600 per diver in sponsorship. Then you’re ready to fly…

What is involved in the Skydive

On the day of the jump you will travel to your chosen airfield. You will receive full training from a qualified instructor before boarding a plane to at least 10,000ft. Harnessed to an experience parachute instructor you will jump and freefall down to 5,000ft at 120mph before you release the parachute.

You will then steer down to the drop zone where your instructor will control the landing, bringing you safely back to Earth! Once you catch your breath you will be presented with a certificate to prove you really did a “two-mile-high” Tandem Skydive!

Want to know more?

We know jumping out of a plane for charity may raise a lot of questions – so if you want to know more, our partners have put together this helpful guide to give you some more information!

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