World Cancer Day

How will you make a difference to children diagnosed with cancer this World Cancer Day?

February 4th is World Cancer Day

A global campaign to raise awareness of cancer across the world. This year’s theme is Close the Care Gap which aims to ensure life-saving cancer treatment and care is equal for all – no matter who you are or where you live.

This theme is particularly close to our hearts as we encounter a gap in many aspects of our work. In the UK, just 3.5% of cancer research spend is dedicated to finding new treatments for children, and in the last 20 years only 3 new treatments have been made available specifically for childhood cancers.

It’s not just in research that we see a gap, currently childhood cancer survival rates are over 80% in high income countries, however in low income countries it can be as low as 20% and this simply is not good enough.

By supporting Kidscan on World Cancer Day you can help us to help close the gap between childhood cancer and adult cancer in the UK and improve the survival rates across the globe.

Raise money for Childhood Cancer Research

By raising money for Kidsca, you can help to bridge the gap between childhood cancer research and adult cancer research in the UK. From bake sales to sponsored adventures, no matter how you decide to raise money for Kidscan, you can be assured that your money will go towards finding new treatments for children with cancer.

To help you get started we have picked our our favourite fundraising ideas. Once you have a fundraiser in mind don’t forget to create your own online fundraising page by clicking the link below.

Share your Story

Beating childhood cancer isn’t just about fundraising. While researchers are finding safe new treatments for children with cancer, we can all help to improve survival rates in the UK and overseas by simply raising awareness of the signs and symptoms to look out for.

Compared to adults, children can often experience a delay in being diagnosed, because a lack of awareness can mean many symptoms can be misunderstood or put down to other illnesses or diseases. This delay can mean that by the time that a child is diagnosed, the cancer is often advanced and may require more aggressive treatments such as higher doses of chemotherapy. As these treatments are toxic, children can be left with limited options.

By sharing our Signs & Symptoms poster you can help to raise awareness, and improve early diagnosis.

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