About Us

Dedicated to Beating Childhood Cancer

Every single day 5 new families in the UK will hear the devastating words “your child has cancer”. Kidscan exists simply to find new treatments for children with cancer, so that every single child diagnosed can survive and go on to live the long healthy lives they deserve.

Why We Exist

In the UK 20% of children diagnosed with cancer will not survive because treatment options are limited. Of those who do survive, 60% will develop life-altering disabilities that can include; hearing loss, infertility, major organ and bone problems and even heart failure. This happens because the treatments used to save their lives also cause lasting damage to children's growing bodies. Known as late-effects these problems can appear long after treatment has finished, are progressive and can even reduce life expectancy.

What we do

At Kidscan our vision is to create a world where every single child diagnosed with cancer can both survive and thrive. That means receiving the right treatments designed for their cancer so they can live the long healthy lives they deserve without worrying about developing late effects.

We do this by investing in research across the UK that is dedicated to either; improving existing treatments, developing new drug delivery systems or finding the next generation of targeted treatments.

We recognise that research takes time, and that’s why we also work hard to raise awareness of childhood cancer within the community in the hopes to improve survival rates through early diagnosis.

Our People

Our office is based in the Heart of Salford, just across the road from where some of our research takes place. From here, our team of fundraisers and volunteers work hard towards the common goal of finding new and improved treatments for children with cancer.

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