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Fundraising Ideas

Raise money for Childhood Cancer Research by taking on a personal challenge or even hosting an event of your own!

Fundraise for us

Fundraising is a great way to have fun, bring people together and above all raise money to beat childhood cancer!

Wether you're looking for fundraising ideas, materials to advertise your fundraising event, or a guide to setting up a fundraising page. You'll find everything you need on this page to make your fundraiser a huge success!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's start fundraising!

Our Top Fundraising Ideas

We have compiled a list of fundraising ideas below in our A-Z, but if you are stuck for time, then check out our top four fundraising ideas that are easy to do and fun too!

Fundraising Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas on what to do to raise money for Kidscan, take a look at our A-Z of fundraising ideas! Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch with our fundraising team who can talk to you about your interests and match you to your perfect fundraiser.

Fundraising Ideas A-C


ABSEIL – abseil down some of the UK’s biggest landmarks. Check out our Events & Challenges page for our upcoming abseils. Alternatively get in touch with one of our team.

AMAZON SMILE – Addicted to Amazon? Raise money whilst you shop by shopping through Amazon Smile. It’s exactly the same shopping experience, only Amazon will donate to Kidscan every-time you purchase an item.

AUCTION – Charity Actions are a low cost way to fundraise for Kidscan, especially if you are able to secure free prixes from local businesses and friends. Planning an auction? Get in touch for a letter of authority to help you apply for auction prizes!

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS – Grab your friends and collectively travel the circumference of the earth (24,901miles) in 80 days. You could cycle, swim, walk, run or even do a mixture!

ARTS & CRAFTS – Get crafty and create something to sell! You could even host a design competition and you could make the winning design!

ABRACADABRA! – Good with slight of hand? Or looking to learn a new skill? Host your own Magic show and ask for donations in return!


BAKING – Bake Offs to Bake Sales, baking is a great way to raise money for Kidscan, and it can be a great way to get your family, colleagues and friends involved too! Check out our guides to holding a bake sale. 

BUNGEE JUMP – Have you got what it takes to step over the edge and free fall for charity? Check out our upcoming bungee jumps across the UK!

BINGO – Bingo is a great way to raise money for all ages! You can even tailor your bingo cards for Halloween, Easter or Christmas.

BIRTHDAY FUNDRAISER – Instead of asking for another pair of socks for your birthday, why not ask for donations to Kidscan instead? You can setup a Facebook Fundraising page to make it easier for people to donate. Checkout our guide here.

BEARD SHAVE / GROW – Growing your beard, or shaving it off is a really easy (and cheap!) way to raise money for charity! It’s also a great way to advertise your fundraiser as people see your beard grow (or vanish!)

BUSKING – Handy with a harmonica? Good with the guitar? Why not consider raising money by busking? Make sure you check your local councils guidelines as you may require a license first!

BONFIRE NIGHT – Fundraising with a bang, bonfire night is a great way to raise money. From selling bonfire toffee to organising a firework display. Ensure you check with your local council and ensure all activity is safe before organising a display!


CALENDAR – A bespoke calendar is a great way to raise money for charity and you don’t have to get cheeky! You could display your artwork, children’s drawings, or photography of the local area each month instead!

CHRISTMAS – Christmas really is a season of giving, check out our Christmas Fundraising page for more festive fundraising inspiration.

CURRY NIGHT – hosting a curry night is a great way to get your friends together to raise money for Kidscan. You can even ask your guests to make a curry each and sample the wonders of the world!

CYCLING – Get on your bike and raise money for Kidscan. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home by completing miles on your static bike! Checkout our upcoming Cycling Events here.

CAR WASH – Organise your own charity car wash in return for donations! You can even boost your fundraising with an optional air freshener!

COFFEE MORNING – Coffee mornings are a great way to raise money for charity! And it’s easy too! You can slot them in your usual morning break, or organise a special morning. You can even ask local businesses to donate your sweet treats.

CHANGE FOR CHANGE – Saving your spare change is an easy way to raise money and every penny counts when it comes to childhood cancer research!

CARDS – Birthday cards, Thank you cards and even Christmas card can be costly so why not send a virtual card instead and donate the saving to Kidscan.

COLLECTIONS – Did you know on average a bucket collection can raise anywhere between £250 t0 £1000 for Kidscan? Organise your own bucket collection or volunteer at one of our upcoming collections happening near you!

CAR BOOT SALE – “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure” so why not have a spring clean and sell your unwanted items at a local car boot sale. You can donate the proceeds to Kidscan!

CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH – Each year we join with other charities to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Check out our Campaign page to see how you can get involved this year.


Fundraising Ideas D-F


DANCING – Grab your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor by hosting a dancing fundraiser. You could dance for a set amount of time and even invite your friends to join you!

DOG WALKING – Grab your pooch and hit the park for a dog walking fundraiser! You could organise a dog walking group that meet every week and boost your donations by making doggy biscuits and treats to sell!

DARTS TOURNAMENT – not everyone is into physical sports, so why not host a darts tournament? It’s cheap to setup and there are plenty of venues across the UK with a darts board!


E-BAY – Have a spring clean and sell your unwanted items on Ebay. Choose Kidscan as your chosen charity and donate the money you raise directly to us! You can even raise money for Kidscan whilst you shop.

ENTHUSE – Setup an online fundraising page on Enthuse as ask for donations to Kidscan. It’s a really easy way to raise money.

EASTER – From Egg painting competitions to Easter Egg Hunts, Easter is a great time of the year to raise money for Kidscan. Check out our Easter Fundraising Page for more inspiration.


FOREIGN MONEY EXCHANGE – Collect people’s left over forgein money and donate it to Kidscan! We can exchange it and put the money to good use!

FIREWALK – Have you got what it takes to walk across a pit of fire!? Ask us about organising your very own fire walk!

FOOTBALL – Everyone in the UK loves football, especially when the World Cup is on! So take advantage and host your own football fundraiser from football tournaments to penalty shootouts!

FACEBOOK – Facebook fundraisers are a popular and easy way to raise money. Simply setup a Facebook Fundraiser and share the on your page!

FANCY DRESS – Organise a fancy dress party, you can turn it into a competition and ask people to design their own outfits to showcase in a fashion show.

Fundraising Ideas G-I


GAME FOR GOOD – Gaming and livestreaming is a great way of raising money whilst doing something you love (or leaving the comfort of your home). From FiFa to Tekken you could also organise a gaming tournament!

GOLF – Host a golf tournament to raise money for Kidscan! Spice it up with a trip to Crazy Golf instead.

GIVE IT UP – Chocolate and sweets, crisps and snacks or even speaking, give up something you love and ask people to sponsor you to do it! Worried you can’t keep it up? Add in a series of forfeits you could complete such as wearing a funny outfit for a day.

GUESS IT – Guess the number of sweets in a jar, guess the baby, guess the name of the teddy – guessing games are a really easy and engaging way to raise money – because everyone loves to be right!

GIVE AS YOU LIVE – Sign up to Give as You Live and raise money online whilst you shop at over 5,500 different retailers! 

GARDEN PARTY – From BBQ’s to Paddling Pool parties, take advantage of the Great British Summer and raise money in your own back garden!

GARDENING – Put your green fingers to good use by gardening for good. You could mow your neighbours lawns in return for a donation, put together fantastic hanging baskets for people to buy or even water people’s flowers! Just make sure you ask before cutting people’s grass!


HORSE RACING – Host you own horse inspired fundraiser! There are hundreds of different way including virtual hose races to holding a sweepstake during the Grand National or Cheltenham.

HEAD SHAVE – shaving your head or cutting your hair for charity is a popular way to raise money. Plus! You can support more than one charity by donating the hair to a popular cause such as the Little Princess Trust and the sponsorship money to Kidscan!

HALLOWEEN – Check out our Halloween fundraising page, packed full of spooky materials and ideas for you to use.

HUNT – Everyone loves a treasure hunt and they are really easy to tailor to young and old. You can even make them as big as you like – from inviting people to jump in the car and travel the UK to find clues to organising a pirate themed hunt around your local park. You can even make use of technology by incorporating QR Codes or by taking a look at Geocaching.


IN MEMORY OF – Donating to a good cause in memory of a loved one is a great way to show your respects and make a difference. Check out our donation page for more information.

Fundraising Ideas J-L


JUMPING – From jump rope to a bounce-a-thon at a local trampoline or bouncy castle park, host a jumping themed fundraiser!

JUSTGIVING – Setup a JustGiving Page and ask people for donations online. Check out our gide to JustGiving Fundraising here.

JAILBREAK – Do you have what it takes to travel across the world with nothing more than a bag on your back? Find out more about organising your own Jailbreak where participants have just 24 hours to travel as far as they can with no money!


KARATE – from breaking a hundred boards to smashing a thousand water melons, combine your passion for karate with fundraising!

KARAOKE – 500 miles? Hit Me Baby One More Time? Love Shack? Sweet Caroline? Whatever your favourite karaoke song, grab your friends and host a Karaoke party!

KNITTING – Sit back, relax and knit for Kidscan! You could have your own knit-a-thon, knit the longest scarf or even knit goods to sell. You could even support two charities by asking people to sponsor you to knit goods for a local hospital and donate the sponsorship money to Kidscan.


LADIES OR LADS LUNCH – Are you a lady or lad who likes to lunch? Host your own lunch party in aid of Kidscan, you could combine it with a networking event, special occasion or simply just use it as a reason to get out the house or away from the office!

LUCKY DRAWS – Everyone loves a competition so host your own lucky draw! From raffles to lucky balls! You could even host your own lucky balloon pop with prizes in each balloon – ask people to donate to pop a balloon. Always check with the latest guidance from the charity commission before hosting any lucky draw or gambling activity.

LOTTERY – Host your own mini lottery for Kidscan! It can be as big or as small as you like, and you can use some of the monies raised for your prize – making it a really cheap way to raise money. Always check with the latest guidance from the charity commission before hosting any lucky draw or gambling activity.

LEGO WALK – You’ve heard of a Firewalk – but what about a Lego Walk? If you think you have what it takes to walk across a pit of Lego bricks get in touch for more information on hosting your own Lego walk.

Fundraising Ideas M-O


MYSTERY NIGHT – host your own who-dunnit and raise money for Kidscan by asking for donations for entry. Just don’t blame the butler! It’s too easy!

MOUNTAIN CLIMB – From the Three Peaks to Kilimanjaro the world is scattered with hundreds of mountains you could climb! Checkout our events page for upcoming climbs or get in touch for more information. Not looking for adventure? Why not deisgn your own virtual climb, and climb the equivalent of a mountain by taking the stairs!

MOVIE MARATHON – Dust off the DVD’s or throw on Netflix for a movie marathon with your friends. Throw in a movie quiz or ask for donations for popcorn refills!


NO MAKE UP DAY – are you and your mascara never far apart? Challenge yourself to go a full day without makeup in return for sponsorship.

NEW BEGININGS – New beginning events are perfect occasions to raise money for Kidscan. From weddings and baby showers to birthdays, you could ask for donations to Kidscan instead of gifts, or add a fundraising element to your celebration!

NIGHT IN – Put a twist on a big night out by hosting a big night in! You can save money on a new outfit, new shoes, a round of drinks at the bar and even a taxi – which you can donate to Kidscan instead.


OPEN MIX NIGHT – DO you have the gift of the gab? A comedy genius in the making? Why not ask for sponsorship to take part in an open mix night? Or even hold an open mic night of your own!

OFFICE FUNDRAISING – Getting onboard with your fundraising is a great way to raise money and raise awareness of Kidscan! From bail your boss to the classic dress down day.

Fundraising Ideas P-R


PAMPER EVENING / PYJAMA PARTY – make time to treat yourself by hosting a pamper or pyjama party in aid of Kidscan.

PICK ‘N’ MIX – Looking to raise lots of money over a period of time? Or simply can’t choose which fantastic fundraising idea to do? Pick ‘n’ mix a few ideas and make a mighty fundraiser!

POKER NIGHT – Poker nights are always a fun way to raise money for Kidscan. Ensure you check with the gambling commission for the latest guidelines on hosting a poker night.


QUIZ – A quiz can be a really great way to raise money – and you can tailor them to any occasion, age or event by adding a theme! You can also spice up your quiz rounds by adding something interesting such as identifying songs from movies from a few seconds, the flavour of 10 different lollies just by taste or guess the movie from a series of emoji’s. You can finds hundreds of quiz’s online with just a quick google.

Did you quiz night go down with a hit? Why not turn it into a regular night or even a tournament?

QUILT MAKING – Are you part of a crafts groups or community groups, why not make a quilt together? Each person can create a square and have it added to the quilt for a donation.


RAFFLES – Raffles are a great way to raise money for charity on their own or as part of another fundraiser. From bouquets to gift baskets, you can create your own raffle prizes or ask local businesses to donate.

READING – Reading is a gret way to relax and keep you mind engaged! Host your own read-a-thon or organise your own book club! You could even create your own front yard library where people can make a small donation to borrow a book!

RAILWAY – The Great British Railway has some of the most beautiful routes in the world so why not combine them with fundraising? You can create a trail of the most beautiful stations, an ale trail or a landmark trail. You could even combine your trip with a treasure hunt!

Fundraising Ideas S-U


SKYDIVE / PARACHUTING – Take in the view of the great british countryside from a different angle before jumping out of a plane by taking on a sponsored skydive or parachute! Get in touch for more information.

SWAP SHOP / SWISHING – It’s out with the old and in with the new, with your own Swap Shop or Swishing event. Ask friends and family to bring their unwanted clothes and then swap them for something else.

SUMMER FAIR / STREET PARTY – The UK loves a good street party or summer fair. Wether its at school, in the street or in your local park, you could tie your event to something special like the Queens Jubilee.

SWEEPSTAKE – who will win the world cup? Who will be the next king of the jungle? Who will win the Grand National – settle the arguments by holding your own sweepstake! You can find a template in our fundraising pack or a quick google will often give you more tailored sweepstakes.

SCHOOL – Fundraising in High Schools, Primary Schools and even Nurseries can be a great way to engage pupils and raise awareness of a good cause.

SWIM – Swimming is a really great way to keep fit and raise money fr Kidscan. From open water swims to competitions, there are hundreds of organised events across the UK you can take part in. Alternatively, you could create your own sponsored fundraising by challenging yourself to do a number of lengths in the local pool!

SWEAR BOX – We can all be forgiven for letting a poor choice of word out now and again, but if you just can’t stop cursing, why not pop a swear jaw on the side and pop a pound in each time you let one slip? (okay maybe 50p if you really just can’t get through a day)


TEA PARTY – Britain is well known for it’s love of tea, so why not host your own afternoon tea party? You could even open up the eyes of your coffee drinking companions by hosting a tea tasting session.

TODDLERTHON – Getting your little one’s down for a nap at night proving difficult? Organise a local sponsored toddlerthon in your local park! Burn off some energy and raise money for Kidscan – it’s a win win!

TUCK SHOP – Okay, okay, Freddo’s and Wham bars may not be 10p anymore but everyone still loves a tuck shop, so why not set one up to raise money for Kidscan? You could theme your tuckshop each week and have sweets from around the world from American soda to Turkish Delight. You could even host a healthy option for people who want to avoid the sugar!


UPCYCLING – Taking an old item and turning it into something new is a great way to save the environment and raise money for Kidscan. You could visit car boot sales, charity shops or even have a look in your attic for old items. Once you have transformed them into something special, sell them for a higher price and donate the difference to Kidscan!

Fundraising Ideas V-Z


VALENTINES DAY – from speed dating to sending valentines cards, there are hundreds of ways you can raise money on the most romantic day of the year!

VIRTUAL RACE – After Covid 19 – virtual races are nothing new. But are still a great way to join in an activity from anywhere at any time. You could join an organised race and win yourself a medal, or talk to us about hosting your own virtual race!

VLOG – social media and Vlogging is a great way to raise awareness of your experience of childhood cancer, or the cause you are raising money for. You can also encourage people to donate by asking setting up a fundraising page.


WALKING – Walking is a great way to explore the great outdoors and is good for all fitness levels. You could take part in an organised walk, or create your own walking group or route! Check out our events page for any upcoming walks.

WAX – Use your hairy arms, chest or legs to your advantage by holding a sponsored wax! You could ask for sponsorship to be waxed, and then reserve a few of the more painful wax strips to auction off to your soon to be ex-friends to pull for you!

WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT – From the most smarties eaten in one minute blindfolded with chopsticks to the fastest time to assemble a Mr Potato Head there a literally thousands of different world records you could attempt to beat at home, school, at work or even at a local event.

WINDOW CLEANING – With your trusty bucket and sponge, take to the neighbourhood and hold a sponsored window clean! Just make sure you get permission before shining your neighbours prized stained glass window!


X-FACTOR – Host your own singing competition or talent show to find out who really has the X-Factor. The prize for winning could be a percentage of the entry fee or you could ask local businesses to sponsor the event or even donate a prize.


YOGA – Hold your own Yoga class or session and relax whilst raising money for Kidscan.

YEAR OF… Fundraising! Host a whole year of fundraising activities or give something up for an entire year!

YES DAY – Raise money for Kidscan by saying yes to everything you are asked (within reason!). Ask for donations in return for saying yes! You’d be surprised how much you will enjoy the day!


ZUMBATHON – Feel the rhythm and host your own Zumbathon. You could do it at your local gym, in the office or in the local park. You could even spice up your dance by doing it in a pool!

ZIP LINE – Face to Fear and zip line your way to raising money for Kidscan! There are Zip Wire locations across the UK – get in touch for moe information or checkout our events page to see if there are any upcoming events.

Our Support

From a bake sale to a trek across the Three Peaks, no matter how big or small your fundraiser, as soon as you choose to fundraise in aid of Kidscan you will receive the same incredible support from our community fundraising team including:

  • Free Fundraising pack filled with advice, tips and tricks
  • Digital posters, personalised sponsor forms, images & more for you to use
  • Dedicated Kidscan representative to support you

Plus if you pledge to raise more than £100 we will send you a free Kidscan T Shirt to help you raise awareness of the incredible work you are doing! You can also get in touch to find out about merchandise and collection materials to help boost your fundraising.

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