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Childhood Cancer Research Funding Opportunities

Through funding we support research aimed at improving treatments for children with cancer. Apply for funding today and help us to research safer treatments so every child can survive and thrive

In the UK only 3.5% of cancer research spend is dedicated to finding new treatments for children. At Kidscan we are committed to increasing that percentage to give childhood cancer the focus it needs. By doing so, we also aim to attract more researchers from the UK and beyond to focus on childhood cancer research.

Whether you are starting out in your research career, need a grant boost for a current project or are looking for a fully funded studentship – as long as your focus is on beating childhood cancer, we want to hear from you. We support research focused on new treatments, diagnostic methods, improvements to current treatments, drug delivery mechanisms or other strategies that will lead to improved survival or quality of life for children with cancer.

Our Grants

At Kidscan we award a range of grants from student placements to studentships. Applications windows vary depending on the award so please visit us regularly for any updates!

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Our Application Process

To ensure all the research we fund is fair, ethical and aligns to our research priorities we follow a strict application process. All awarded grants are determined and reviewed by our Scientific Director, Scientific Committee and Trustees to make sure that the donations we receive are invested in the best research applications we receive.

Stage 2. Application

The aim of Kidscan is to support research aimed at improving the range and quality of treatments available for children with cancer. Research can focus on new treatments, diagnostic methods, improvements to current treatments or other strategies that improve survival or quality of life.

All research funded by Kidscan must align with the research objectives laid out in our research strategy. Projects must also be inline with the terms and conditions outlined in the individual grant handbooks which can be found on the award pages above. We accept applications from both the UK and overseas from qualified individuals.

Stage 2. Triage

After your application is recieved, your proposal will be triaged by our Scientific Director, Dr David Pye who will ensure your project meets our research objectives which are outlined in our research strategy.

Our Scientific Director will also refer to the specific grant handbook to ensure your project meets any of the specific requirements outlined for the award.

Once we are satisfied that your project meets the above requirements, we will reach out to any referees you have supplied and your application will be assessed by a team of independent reviewers.

Stage 3. Independent Review

Your application alongside the reviewers’ reports will be considered for funding by the members of our Scientific Committee who will make the final recommendations to our board of trustees. To review each application our scientific Committee works within a strict set of guidelines that including our Conflicts of Interest Policy

Stage 4. Application Outcome

Once our trustees receive your application, it will be reviewed at the next formal board meeting and a final decision on the grants to be awarded will be made. Following the decision you will be informed of the outcome. All unsuccessful awards will receive feedback.

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