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Student Placement

Kidscan is offering a number of awards of up to £2,000 to supervisors in academia or industry. The awards take the form of a bench fee to support a student’s laboratory work.

About The Grant

Kidscan’s revised student placement programme has been running for four years supporting undergraduate research students, under the guidance of their academic supervisors. Kidscan have extended this scheme into the new academic year (2023-24) and will be awarding up to seven grants. The maximum award will be £2,000 per grant to support research into children’s cancer research.

How To Apply

Details on how to apply for this grant can be found below. For more detailed information on how our applications are processed please visit our Research Funding page

Grant Value

Our Student Placement grants take the form of a maximum £2,000 bench fee to support the student’s laboratory work. Recipients of the award are responsible for the recruitment of the undergraduate student.

Apply Now

To apply for the Student Placement grant download and complete the application form below. Once complete, you can submit the form to Kidscan by emailing d.pye@salford.ac.uk

Applications are now open for 2024

Application Form

Application Handbook


If you have any questions about our research grants please contact our Scientific Director by calling 0161 295 4701 or emailing d.pye@salfordac.uk

Kidscan Stories

Being involved in researching safer treatments makes me feel like I’m doing something to try and make a difference. Children suffer a great deal at the toxicity of current treatments and can be left with other health problems having beaten cancer. Research can change this.

Amy Foster
Student Researcher
Using live-cell microscopy to understand heterogeneity in childhood brain cancers.

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