Our Research

Research is Vital in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

At Kidscan we aim to create a world where every child can survive cancer and go on to live long healthy lives. We use your donations to fund research dedicated to childhood cancer because that’s how we will get there.

Our Research

In the UK 20% of children still don't survive cancer because treatment options are limited. Of those who do 60% will go on to develop life-limiting side effects caused by treatments used to save their lives. That's because current treatments can damage the healthy cells in children's bodies leading to late effects such as hearing loss and heart problems. At Kidscan, we are dedicated to making change. By finding new treatments that only target cancerous cells, we aim to improve survival rates and decrease the number of children left with late effects to zero.

Kidscan Funded Research

To date we have invested over a million pounds in childhood cancer research at respected institutions across the UK. Through a range of projects we are increasing our understanding of the causes and behaviours of childhood cancer, so that we can develop new treatments that only target the cancer itself, without causing damage to children’s growing bodies. We are also furthering our knowledge of how we can deliver treatments in safer ways and how we can improve the efficiency of current treatments to improve survival and reduce side effects at the same time. 

Our research spans a range of childhood cancer, from the most common such as Leukaemia, to others where survival rates are low such as Medulloblastoma. 

Find out more about the research we have funded to date and how your donations are helping us to find safe new treatments


Partnerships & Accreditations

At Kidscan, we are proud of the quality of our research. Our charity’s accreditations and memberships showcase our dedication to ensuring our research is ethical, fair and that all of your donations are spent on the right projects to best further childhood cancer research. You can also view our position statements including our stance on the usage of animals in research.

Funding Opportunities for Researchers

Our research would not be possible without your donations, and without researchers focussing on childhood cancer. We provide a number of grants to researchers who are dedicated to beating childhood cancer. From placements to studentships, we have grants for all stages in your career.

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