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Colleen's Story

When she was just 14, Coleen was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). She went through gruelling and aggressive chemotherapy and extensive leg surgery for 1 year before she began her survivorship. Now 33 Coleen has developed a number of late effects because of the treatments used.

“Because of my treatment, I’ve lost a lot of my hearing, I’ve got hearing aids, I’ve got tinnitus and my eyesight is terrible. I’ve got diverticulitis and a lot of neuropathic pain”

“I also ended up being diagnosed with tachycardia as well, so we knew the chemo had damaged my heart along with everything else. It was a shock and it brought me back to the reality that things are still going wrong, and the longer out of treatment I am, the more side effects I’m getting and the more severe”

With the money you raise, Kidscan can invest in research to find safer treatments so every survivor can thrive after cancer.

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