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Become a Kidscan Ambassador

Could you be our next patient or family ambassador?

About our Ambassadors

Our ambassador programme empowers people like you who have lived experience of childhood cancer to make a difference through personal storytelling and advocacy. Each one of our ambassadors plays a vital role in raising awareness of issues surrounding childhood cancer from delays in diagnosis to the lack of available treatments as well as the side and late effects of treatments. If you are interesting in becoming an ambassador we would love to hear from you!

How you can help

At Kidscan we understand that every circumstance is different and ever changing. That’s why we work closely with all of our ambassadors to understand the type of role you want to play in the charity. From sharing your experience to fundraising, your level of involvement is up to you and could include:

Sharing your story

Whether you are the parent of a child with cancer, a survivor, or a family member, tell the story of your childhood cancer experience from your point of view. All of our ambassadors are added to our website with their story alongside images of their experience.

We will treat your story with respect and will invite you to keep your story updated as your journey continues. If you are willing we may invite you to share you story through video.

You can check out Emma’s Story here to see how some of our ambassadors choose to share their story.

Taking Part in Kidscan Campaigns

At Kidscan we like to involve people with lived experiences in our campaigns. As an ambassador you will be invited to take part in photoshoots for our upcoming campaigns such as Christmas and our annual Childhood Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

You may also be invited to submit your own content, such as video clips for campaigns we are running with our charity partners or our annual Gold For campaign.

As part of running campaigns, Kidscan often works with media giving our ambassadors the chance to be a spokesperson for the charity. You could be interviewed by local press for newspaper articles, give a radio interview or even appear on the telly!

As an ambassador you also have the opportunity to share you story with our supporters by speaking at events to showcase the importance of our cause.

Advocating for Change

At Kidscan, we are dedicated to creating a world where every child can survive cancer and go on to live a long healthy life without suffering late effects by investing in ground-breaking research. But we can’t do this alone and know that there needs to be significant change if we are to see a boost in the outcomes for children with cancer. That’s why we encourage our ambassadors to advocate for change. This could include signing petitions, writing to your local MP’s to attend upcoming debates or taking part in discussions around childhood cancer.

Introducing us to your network

Introducing your network is a great way to support Kidscan’s work
• Other children going through cancer, their families or surivors willing to become an ambassador
• Networking within local hospitals or treatment centres interested in the research we fund
• Local decision makers and influencers who will help us to extend our reach
• Social Media influencers or local celebrities and personalities
• Local businesses, schools or groups willing to fundraise for Kidscan or even host a collection tin
• Businesses willing to adopt Kidscan as their charity of the year


As well as sharing their story, some of our ambassadors choose to fundraise which is great! You could do a small bake sale, attend one of our collections, take on a sponsored challenge or go all out and organise a full fundraising event. Checkout Charlotte’s story here

Benefits of being an ambassador

As a Kidscan ambassador you can benefit from:

• Being part of a like minded community with the opportunity connect with other people with similar experiences
• A behind the scenes tour of the Kidscan labs to see the ground breaking research we invest in
• Opportunities to attend Kidscan events including our annual research evening, where you can meet the researchers and her about their research first hand
• Kidscan T Shirts and merchandise to help you promote your role as an ambassador
• Attending a series of social events & meetups though our ambassador support programme
• Receiving regular updates on our research and activities

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