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Reindeer Rush 2022

Welcome to Reindeer Rush, the virtual challenge where 8 teams compete to get their reindeer from Manchester to Lapland in time for Christmas!

Welcome to Reindeer Rush

The fundraising challenge where you and seven other teams battle it out in a race to power your reindeer from Manchester to Lapland by walking the equivalent of 1300miles between the 5th & 19th December. With trophies and medals for first team to Lapland as well as the team that raises the most money, it's a real race to the festive finish line!

With your own team fundraising pages, bespoke fundraising materials and very own team leaderboards, Reindeer Rush is a great way to engage your friends or staff and raise money for a great cause at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Check out the benefits of joining below and when you're ready fill in the form below and we will enter your team into the race!

Meet our Reindeer Teams

Oh No! After touring the UK, Santa’s reindeer have got themselves stuck in Manchester! With no magic dust left they need your help to get them home!


Want to know more about Reindeer Rush, how it works and how to sign up? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our team can give you a helping hand!

How does Reindeer Rush work?

First get in touch and let us know you will be entering a team. We will send your team captain a link to claim one of the eight reindeer teams.

Next we will send you everything you need to get your team signed up, including an email with your very own sign-up link, making it super easy for you to forward on to everyone. If you are a business or a group, send us your logo and we will also brand your page up!

Once you’re team are signed up we’ll send you a fundraising pack filled with plenty of festive ideas to help you fundraise

On the 5th December you and your team can start walking, jogging or running to build up your miles. Your fundraising pack includes instructions on how to track your miles. This is important because the distance you travel will be added to your team to boost your reindeer towards Lapland.

Remember to encourage other people to sign up to your team – the more people in your team, the less miles you need to complete!

Once your team hits 1300 miles to Lapland you can sit back and rest safe in the knowledge that Santa will be able to fly his sleigh this Christmas

What are the benefits of Reindeer Rush?

Besides being a fantastic way to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research, Reindeer Rush brings many benefits. It’s a great way to bring friends or collegues together to do something fun at the end of the year!

If you are a business it’s the perfect way to:

  • Bring your teams together whether they are in the office, working from home or even in multiple locations!
  • Encourage well being in your team by promoting physical fitness
  • Create a talking point when engaging with your suppliers and connections
  • Networking with new businesses through healthy competition
  • Showcase your business to new customers
Who is Reindeer Rush for and how many people do we need in a team?

Reindeer Rush is perfect for small businesses or teams within a corporate setting. It’s also perfect for groups of friends, sports teams or community groups and clubs!

You should aim to enroll around 15 people into your team, which gives each one a target of approximately 93miles to complete by walking, running or jogging. As you are playing as a team you can enter with less people, it just means each person has to travel further! But, your team doesn’t just have to be made up of people you directly know, you could invite friends of friends to join, or even use it as an opportunity to engage some of your suppliers if you are a business, or other groups!

How long does Reindeer Rush last?

With billions of presents to load, Santa’ reindeer are on a tight schedule. So here’s the deadlines.

  • 24th October – Registration Opens
  • 2nd December – Registration Closes
  • 5th December – Run Starts
  • 19th December – Run finishes
  • 20th December – winners are announced

The earlier you sign up the Reindeer Rush the longer you have before the run to sign up your team, and the longer you have to start fundraising! So don’t delay, sign up to Reindeer Rush Today!

How do my team track their miles?

As a team you need to run, jog or walk the equivalent of 1300miles between the 5th and the 19th December. With a team of 15 that’s an average of 93miles per person! We know that any corporate challenge needs to be as easy as possible, that’s why we use Enthuse to run the event. When each person of your team enrolls they will be given their very own page to track their miles. Here they can add miles manually or connect Strava to count miles automatically!

How much do we need fundraise to take part in Reindeer Rush?

For those who are used to Reindeer Rush you will notice we have changed things up and there is no longer a sign up fee!

Instead, we ask that each person aims to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship. But don’t worry there are plenty of ways you can gain donations, and with our helpful fundraising pack each member of your team will be on our way to the £100 in no time!

Enter Your Team

To enter Reindeer Rush simply fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to assign you one of our eight reindeers!

Host your own Reindeer Rush!

Fed up of holding a Christmas Jumper Day in your office? Why not hold your own exclusive Reindeer Rush instead?

Our Reindeer Rush event can be easily adapted to fit your business, your school or even community group! With your own leaderboards you can encourage teams or groups to compete against each other, track progress and create a real sense of community as you see donations rising and the miles racking up!

Kidscan will even set up the event for you – meaning you just have to encourage your colleagues or friends to join, fundraise and of course walk the equivalent of flying to lapland.

To find out more get in touch today!

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