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30 Day Step Challenge

Will you walk 10,000 steps a day for 30 days to raise money for childhood cancer research?

30 Days, 30,000 Steps

Whether you're looking for a new years resolution or a new way to keep fit and healthy, we all know that taking 10,000 steps a day for 30 days is great place to start and all you need is a good pair of walking shoes!

From racking up the miles on the treadmill to taking on one of the UK's most iconic walking trails you can complete your miles anywhere, anytime and at a pace that suits you. You can even start your challenge at any point in the year. Got what it takes? Sign up today! Sign Up


How do I raise money by walking 30,000 steps?

When you sign up to our 30 days step challenge we will send you a fundraising pack, full of tips, tricks and materials to help get your fundraising off to a fantastic start. From asking your friends and family to sponsor you, to sharing your story on social media, there are hundreds of ways you can raise money for Kidscan whilst you complete your challenge.


How do I keep track of my steps?

When you sign up to our 30 day challenge, you will be prompted to setup your own fundraising page which you can link to your Strava account to automatically track your progress. Instead of steps, Strava will calculate miles, but don’t worry 10,000 steps is roughly 5 miles!

If you don’t have Strava you can manually track your progress or use another type of tracker such as a pedometer or your phone to track your steps.

It looks like the challenge has already started - is it too late to join?

Not at all, our 30 day step challenge can be completed across a 30 day period starting anytime in the year! Simply click the link and sign up to join the challenge on a day that suits you!

Where your Money Goes

in the UK 20% of children diagnosed with cancer will not survive because treatment options are limited. Of those who do survive 60% will be left with disabilities that can range from hearing loss to hear problems caused by treatments that damage their bodies.

By funding research across the UK, Kidscan are working towards a world where every child diagnosed with cancer can both survive and live the long lives they deserve.

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