Isla Reeves

Isla's Story

Isla’s journey began in March 2019 when she started to feel unwell, she had a temperature, felt sick and had a slight tummy ache. After investigation Isla was diagnosed with cancer. Isla's family was told she had a Wilms Tumour, a type of Kidney Cancer.

Within two weeks of diagnoses, Isla was given two different chemotherapy drugs for four weeks. In mid-May, Isla had an operation to remove the tumour, her kidney and her appendix. The doctors were able to confirm that the cancer was stage 1 and that it had all been removed. After 4 weeks of chemotherapy, Isla rang the end of treatment bell.

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Isla's Story

Isla and Kidscan

Isla joined Kidscan as an ambassador in 2019. Along with her family she is dedicated to raising awareness of Kidscan, the effects of children's cancer and the treatments used!

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