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Matty Hatton

Kidscan Ambassador

About Matty

The team at Kidscan are incredibly sad to say that Matty gained his angel wings on 5th February 2022. He made quite the impression on everyone who met him, and the team were all inspired by such an incredible young man.

Matty became a Kidscan ambassador in the middle of lockdown 2021, and worked hard with his family to raise awareness of childhood cancer and the need for more research. Our thoughts are with Matty's friends and family

Matty's Story

In December 2016 at the age of 12 Matty developed headaches with occasional sickness. After a visit to the GP and a CT scan he was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a rare brain tumour. Matty underwent surgery and over 14 months of treatment which included chemotherapy, but sadly Matty relapse 6 months later. Matty’s mum told us;

“Matty’s diagnosis had a huge impact on us as a family, it feels like we always have a constant weight on our shoulders waiting for the next time it will come back and asking whether the treatment will work again.

After his first relapse, treatment initially appeared to work, but once again in 2020 Matty relapsed

“We do talk about the future, and he says he just takes each day as it comes. For now, though it’ll just be waiting to see what his scan results show and that will determine what path we take. Whether we get three months to make more memories or resume treatment or… well that doesn’t bare thinking about”

Sadly further scans showed Matty had developed more tumours and in February 2022 he gained his angel wings

Matty & Kidscan

Matty’s family continue to support Kidscan and help us to raise awareness of childhood cancer so that we can find new treatments for children like Matty. Here are just some of the incredible things Matty was involved with and how his family are continuing their support.

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