Matty Hatton

Matty's Story

In December 2016 at the age of 12 Matty developed headaches, with occasional sickness. After a visit to the GP and a CT scan he was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a rare brain tumour. He had surgery to remove the tumour followed by 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 14 months of chemotherapy.

6 months after he completed his treatment sadly Matty had relapsed, but after a further 6 months of intrathecal chemotherapy his tumours could no longer be seen so treatment was discontinued. But sadly at the beginning of Lockdown 2020 Matty relapsed again. This hit Matty hard, but with the support of his family, and his aunty who organised Letters from the Lockdown Matty has kept smiling!

You can read more about Matty's story from his mum here:

Matty's Story

Matty & Kidscan

Matty joined Kidscan as an ambassador in 2020. Along with his family he is dedicated to raising awareness of Kidscan, the effects of children's cancer and the treatments used!

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