Investigating why some chemotherapies cause dangerous fluid build-up in the lungs of childhood cancer patients

Acute leukaemia is when newly produced blood cells are abnormal and start dividing rapidly and replacing healthy blood cells. Aggressive treatments are needed but these treatments damage other organs including the lungs.
One cancer treatment called busulphan affects the lungs and can cause fluid to sit in the lungs making breathing difficult.
This study will look at what this cancer treatment does to the lungs in a cell model of lungs and see if certain markers that are found in this fluid can be found and treated to make the long term effects of this cancer treatment less severe.

Grant Award – Studentship 2021-2022

Funding Award – £2000

Funding Awarded to – Dr Pika Miklavc

Research Location – University of Salford

Lead Researcher – Dr Pika Miklavc

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