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Stockport Let's Unite
Against Children's Cancer

From Buxton to Glossop, and Stockport to Macclesfield we’re calling all communities, businesses and individuals in the SK area to unite in the fight against children’s cancer.

SK vs Children's Cancer

130 children in the SK area will be diagnosed with cancer. Out of those 33 will not survive and of those who do, 60% will suffer from “late-effects” of the treatments used to save their lives. In short, those children who fight and beat cancer, can face a life of disabilities including mobility issues, organ problems, infertility and increased chance of secondary cancers.

By donating, fundraising or joining a sponsored event (or hosting one of our purple tins), you can help to change these odds! Your mission is to join Stockport in the fight against children’s cancer so that together we can find safer treatments for children diagnosed with cancer.

Join the Fight

Help us smash our target!

Our target is to raise £70,000 to fund the SK for Kidscan Cancer Research Programme. Through match funding we can supercharge your donations to fund £140,000 worth of research over three years!

Superhero Initiation begin!

Whatever your super power you can help to beat children’s cancer; from running a marathon to hosting your own superhero party there are hundreds of ways you can raise money for Kidscan. However you decide to fundraise, Kidscan HQ will be here from the moment you sign up, offering all the support you need to make your super fundraiser a reality!

To help you get started, we have organised a range of events and challenges to put your powers to the test. You can fly like superman in our annual SKydive, control the heat like The Flame in our Firewalk, or smash like Hulk through Kapow! the inflatable obstacle course!

Our Challenges

Want to know more about fundraising for Kidscan, or simply stuck on how to make your fundraiser a reality? Contact us today and we will help you put a plan of attack together!

Stockport Hall of Heroes

We already have over 100 companies and community groups across the SK area fighting with us to beat children’s cancer, could you be next to join our Hall of Heroes?

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me”


Why SK for Kidscan?

We’re extremely lucky to already have strong links within the Stockport area including local businesses and community groups, who are already starting a movement against Children’s Cancer. Many of our supporters are based in Greater Stockport including some of our trustees and our patient ambassador Charlotte Jennings. Stockport was also Martyn Hett’s home town. Martyn, who tragically died in the Manchester Arena Attack was a keen supporter of Kidscan and helped us to create our “I-Miss” campaign. With the support of Martyn’s family, we encourage people in Stockport to raise money in celebration and memory of Martyn Hett. But more than anything, we truly believe Stockport can truly come together to fight children’s cancer.

Not from the SK area?

We have hundreds of dedicated supporters across the UK who are raising money to fund research to find safer treatments for children’s cancer, so if your’e not from Stockport you can still join the fight! After all, all it takes for a movement is a group of people with the dedication to make change, so why not get in touch today and assemble your postcode to beat children’s cancer.

Kidscan Stories

“Cancer treatments have ruined my body, but we can help transform lives of future patients. So they can survive and thrive better than I’ll be able to! I can’t do this alone, I need your help, we need to unite together and fund vital research so we can beat childhood cancer once and for all”
Charlotte Jennings,
Kidscan Patient Ambassador

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