Archie Hill

Patient Ambassador

Archie's Story

At 4 ½ months Archie was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Hepatoblastoma (Liver Cancer). Archie needed intensive chemotherapy and a liver transplant. He needed many blood transfusions and an NG tube due to the sickness and size of the tumour. After 5 days on the transplant list a liver was found. After 14.5 hours in theatre it took a long time for Archie’s new liver to settle. He was to have 3 more rounds of chemotherapy, but treatment was cut short due to the effect on his kidneys.

Although Archie rang the end of chemotherapy treatment bell on 13th August 2014 he has had a rough ride due to complications. Archie has high frequency hearing loss which he wears hearing aids for and is fed through a tube for 18 hours a day. Despite his journey, Archie is still an energetic 4 year old.

You can read more about Archie's story from her his point of view on our blog

Archie's Story

Archie & Kidscan

Archie and his family would like to help to raise awareness of the harsh side effects that children endure throughout and after cancer treatment and to help raise much needed funds for much kinder children’s cancer treatment.

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