Emma Neal

Patient Ambassador

Emma's Story

Aged 15 months Emma was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Emma had a VP shunt fitted to relieve pressure in her brain, a feeding tube to gain weight and a biopsy to diagnose the type of tumour. At 16 months Emma began twenty months of chemotherapy. Whilst this reduced the size of the tumour, Emma became allergic to the drug. After 6 months the tumour began to regrow – a pattern which has persistently repeated.

Now aged 9 Emma has been on and off treatment for 8 years. Unfortunately the build-up of pressure from the tumour has damaged Emma's optic nerves and as a result she is effectively blind in one eye. At times the chemotherapy has hit Emma hard, however she continues to enjoy activities such as dancing. Emma’s tumour sample has enabled new research into this rare cancer.

You can read more about Emma's story on our blog

Emma's Story

Emma & Kidscan

Emma joined Kidscan as an ambassador in 2018. Along with her family she is dedicated to raising awareness of Kidscan and the effects of children's cancer and the treatments used

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