Emilie Austin

Patient Ambassador

Emilie's Story

Aged 2 Emilie was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. With metastasis in both lungs, she needed intensive chemotherapy and a liver transplant.

Chemotherapy made Emilie critically ill necessitating a life support machine. Her tumour bled internally filling her abdomen. After surgeries to drain the bleed and remove the cancer, Emilie went onto the organ donor list. Within 24 hours the precious gift of a liver was given. Since her transplant and final rounds of chemotherapy, Emilie has had to relearn how to sit, eat and walk. She now wears hearing aids, has food intolerances and takes daily medication.

Emilie had 247 days of treatment, spending 173 nights as an inpatient. At such a young age Emilie has experienced losing her friends to cancer. She is such an empathetic child, wishing for ‘all poorly children to get better – especially those battling cancer’.

You can read Emilie's story from her mum on our blog

Emilie's Story

Emilie & Kidscan

Emilie joined Kidscan as an ambassador in 2018. Along with her family she is dedicated to raising awareness of Kidscan and the effects of children's cancer and the treatments used

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