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Gracie's Goldrick

Kidscan Ambassador

About Gracie

Gracie Goldrick was just 2 years old when she was diagnosed with ATRT (a rare brain tumour). Gracie underwent treatment but sadly relapsed and gained her angel wings on 16th March 2017.

We are honoured to be part of Gracie’s story, and proud that she could be the face of our “I Miss…” campaign in 2016. Courageous Gracie and her family will always be wonderful ambassadors for Kidscan.

Gracie's Story

“Gracie was a really bright toddler, she was really funny and cat obsessed as well, cats where her favourite thing. She was just our absolute world”

“she started bing sick in the car in the fe months leading up to it. she had a cough that hadn’t really gone away and a high temperature. She got more and more lethargic that week and I noticed down her left hand side her arm was twitching. I could tell there was something really wrong. That evening a couple of doctors came to us and told us they had found a large mass in the frontal lobe of her brain”

“Gracie rang the end of treatment bell and she was doing great at that point. But then a routine scan showed that there was new tumours”

“There is no treatment protocol thats been proven to work for relapse ATRT so we where limited in what we could do, the focus became on keeping up quality of life and actually we managed to do that for far longer then we thought we would”

Gracie & Kidscan

Gracie’s family continue to support Kidscan and help us to raise awareness of childhod cancer so that we can find new treatments for children like Gracie.

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