Synthesis and evaluation of monosulfate GAG mimics as anti-metastatic.

HGF/SF is a growth factor involved in epithelial cell replication and motility which has been strongly implicated in cancer progression and metastasis.  It represents a potentially valuable extracellular target for therapeutic inhibition.  A series of simple glycomimetics of the general form 1, based on heparin, have been discovered with selective inhibitory activity against HGF/SF activation of its specific signalling receptor MET.1 Some of these compounds have shown significant anti-metastatic ability in relevant cancer cell lines including the medulloblastoma cell line DAOY, where the potencies are comparable with the commercial MET inhibitor crizotinib. The glycomimetics show no cytotoxicity even at 100 ?mol. While these compounds have great potential as anti-metastatic agents the di and tetra sulfated molecules are highly polar and can be problematic in terms of purification and demonstrating purity.

Grant Award – Kidscan Student Placement (2018 – 2019)

Funding Award – £2000.00

Funding Awarded to – Dr Jim Wilkinson

Research Location – University of Salford

Lead Researcher – Dr Jim Wilkinson